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    Granny nicked gems in her knickers

    A bored Italian granny shoplifted 70,000 worth of jewellery by hiding the valuables in her knickers.

    Police in Genoa said the 62-year-old woman had visited several jewellers in the city posing as a frail but wealthy old lady.

    A spokesman said: "She would study the items offered for viewing carefully, waiting until the moment when the sales assistant was inevitably distracted by another customer.

    "She would then quickly drop the items into her knickers so that even when staff searched her pockets they found nothing. They did not suspect such a frail old lady of theft."

    The woman was arrested after being caught on a security camera stuffing gold necklaces and rings into her knickers in a shop in the San Fruttuoso district of the city, local daily La Repubblica reported.


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    Gives a whole new meaning to "knickers in a knot" huh?

    "Would some power the Giftee gie us To see ourselves as others see us" R.Burns

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