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    AZ - Joshua Tourjee, 34, Grand Canyon National Park, 11 Sept 2016

    Search on for missing river tour guide at Grand Canyon park

    Authorities at Grand Canyon National Park say they are searching for missing guide from a commercial trip on the Colorado River.
    The National Park Service received a satellite phone call from members of the river trip saying Tourjee failed to return to camp Sunday evening near Pancho's Kitchen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by los2188 View Post
    Search on for missing river tour guide at Grand Canyon park

    Is it just me or are a lot of people going missing from the Grand Canyon lately? Or maybe this is average??

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    The Grand Canyon is so massive and so dangerous that yeah, it does not shock me at all that so many people go missing there. It would be easy to get bit by a snake, fall from a cliff, die from dehydration, die from heatstroke/sunstroke, etc. BTW, whenever I drive through the desert, I carry one 5-gallon continer of water for each person in the car.
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    Official identification is pending:

    National Park Services officials say they've found a body in the Colorado River.

    Park rangers pulled the body from the water on Tuesday after it was spotted near River Mile 139.

    Based on evidence found with the body, it's believed that the person is 34-year-old Joshua Tourjee of Moab, Utah, officials said.

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    From the azfamily link above

    "Tourjee was last seen wearing a lime colored, short-sleeved shirt and dark colored shorts with an inflatable pool raft, possibly in the shape of a black swan"

    It reads as though he was planning to go in the river.

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    This is from the 28th and so far it's the only article I've found saying he'd been identified, but since there's no quote from the ME or NPS I don't know if it's right. Wouldn't there be an obituary?

    Body of missing river guide recovered
    National Park Service personnel recovered the body of missing river guide Joshua Tourjee last Tuesday, Sept. 20.
    Although I suppose we all know it's him.

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    Here is the link stating that the body found was him.

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