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    IN - Indianapolis IN fertility doctor used own sperm to impregnate patients, court doc

    September 12, 2016
    3:05 PM

    Indiana fertility doctor used own sperm to impregnate patients, court docs say

    A retired Indianapolis fertility doctor used his own sperm at least 50 times instead of donated sperm that his patients were expecting, impregnating at least eight women decades ago, court documents say.

    Dr. Donald Cline, 77, pleaded not guilty Monday to two felony obstruction of justice charges for misleading authorities who were investigating complaints from two of the now-adult children against him.

    Cline is accused of being the biological father of at least eight people, the youngest of which would be about 30. The accusations against him were first reported by WXIN-TV in May.

    The 77-year-old from the Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville told six adults who believed they were his children that he had donated his own sperm about 50 times starting in the 1970s, a probable cause affidavit said. He had told his patients they were receiving sperm from medical or dental residents or medical students and that no single donorís sperm was used more than three times.

    One of the adult children took a saliva-based DNA test through a private personal genomics company and found that she was related to at least eight other people in its database, the affidavit said. Meanwhile, two others also investigated their ancestry through DNA tests and learned their mothers both were patients of Cline and that they were related to 70 relatives of Cline, it said

    Clineís attorney, Tracy Betz, released a statement saying he is not accused of hiding documents, influencing witnesses or otherwise not cooperating with the attorney generalís investigation.

    Cline was released on his own recognizance.

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    September 14, 2016
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    Indiana fertility doctor used his own sperm 'around 50 times,' papers say

    After one woman discovered eight unknown siblings following a commercial DNA test, she investigated and learned that her biological father was her mother's fertility doctor, according to court documents from Marion County, Indiana. Dr. Donald Cline had told his patients he was inseminating them with "fresh sperm" from a medical student or resident.

    Now, Cline has entered a plea of not guilty to two charges of obstruction of justice. "It was unethical, what he did. He was telling his patients one thing and doing another," the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous.

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