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    WA - Michael "Mike" Sutherland , 20, Shoreline, 26 June 2015

    Just came across this and not sure why he is not entered here. I searched by both his full and nick names. Please merge or delete if I am in error.

    Michael was last seen on 06/26/2015 at his family's home in Shoreline, WA. He did not have his ID or wallet with him and his phone has been off and inactive since the night he was last seen.

    NamUs: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/29283/540

    Family run "Find Mike Sutherland" page: https://www.facebook.com/bringmikehome/

    Local MSM links:




    According to the articles above and the posts by his family, Mike was studying in Montana and home on break. He was seen earlier in the day on a popular inter-city bike trail with an unidentified female. They have yet to learn who she is.WS Mike Sutherland 1.JPGWS Mike Sutherland 2.JPG

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    Wow! So basically, all we know, is that sometime after midnight (Fri going into Sat ), Mike disappeared from the family home with only his cell phone, that has been either shut off or battery died around the time he was last seen.
    From the find page, it looks like they've done some pretty extensive searching.
    It sounds as if his family hopes that he's disappeared voluntarily and may possibly be transient.
    I don't know why, but something seems really off about this.
    I wonder if he left the house, expecting to go right back in, to talk to someone that came over in a vehicle? That's the only logical reason I can see for him to leave the house after midnight with only his cell phone. After all the searching they've done, you'd think if he just needed to get out and walk, but ended up hurt, that he would have been found quickly. Leaving in a vehicle sounds like the next plausible thing. This is just so bizarre.

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    It is confusing as to whether he took jis phone or not. Some flyers say his phone was also left at home but then they make a point of saying it hasn't been used since he left.

    It looks like they searched bus lines and homeless shelters. Wondering if they thought he had some mental break. He was home from college. The other thing I wondered was if he wore a bike helmet. If he was cycling and hit his head earlier in the day, he could have been suffering from a head injury and wandered away. I agree, though, that stepping out to talk to someone who pulled up in a car and then getting in the car (by choice or force) seems plausible, too.

    I find the whole thing about the unidentified girl odd. None of possible reasons she would fail to come forward bode well.

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    Is Marijuana recreationally legal where he was? If not could he have stepped out to buy something and was ambushed. That to me explains leaving with nothing but a cell phone (and possibly cash).

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