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    TX - Kendra Childs, shot dead the day before turning 20; Houston, 13 September 2016


    Kendra Childs Murder
    The killing of young Houston mother in a drive-by shooting has prompted much
    social media speculation on #RIPKendra about who's responsible for her death.

    Houston resident Kendra Childs, the mother of a two-year-old daughter, was shot and killed just a day before her 20th birthday. Police so far have little information on possible suspects or a motive, prompting a good deal of social media speculation (using the hashtag #RIPKendra) about who might have been responsible for her death.

    Childs was killed in drive-by shooting, with the occupants of a black Camaro firing five shots into a second-floor apartment from the parking lot of the apartment complex around 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, 13 September 2016. Police say Childs was alone in the apartment at the time of her death and was likely sought out as the intended target of the shooting.
    much more at link above

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    I saw the FB posts. Has she been arrested yet? I have serious doubts they need look any further than her! She might as well have called the police and said come and get me, I killed her, ha, ha! How could a person kill another person because they don't like them, because they are dating my ex boyfriend? There's the operative word: EX. Obviously, he doesn't want you anymore, get over it! We've all been there and not killed anybody over it!

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