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    Australia - Simone Vogel, 47, Brisbane QLD, 06 September 1977

    Simone Vogel cold case: Brother of brothel madam 'threatened by senior police officer' in 1977
    ABC News
    Exclusive by Josh Bavas
    Updated Sun Sep 18 18:04:33 EST 2016
    Posted Sun Sep 18 12:08:30 EST 2016

    Photo: Simone Vogel had been planning her son's 21st birthday the day she vanished.

    'Ms Vogel disappeared on September 16, 1977 and was last seen leaving her Kon Tiki studio at Kedron on Brisbane's northside.

    Earlier in the afternoon, she had been happily planning her son's 21st birthday party.

    Her manageress overheard her on the phone with an unidentified caller and told police she heard Ms Vogel say: "I'll meet you in the same parking spot that I met you at before — about half-past six."

    She disappeared that night with $6,000 in cash, after making withdrawals from her parlours.

    Husband reported her missing

    Photo: Simone Vogel with husband Stephen Pavich (date unknown)
    Supplied: State Archives Queensland

    'Mr Pavich reported his wife missing to Surfers Paradise police station when she failed to return to their luxury Gold Coast canal home.'

    He called around his wife's massage parlours late that evening, speaking with her employees.

    Mr Pavich then asked a private investigator friend to assist, which led to the discovery of her brand new Mercedes at the Brisbane airport carpark the following day.

    It was unlocked, the keys were missing, but there were no signs of a struggle.

    A coronial inquest five years later found Ms Vogel most likely met with foul play.

    Queensland Police told the ABC the Vogel case remained active and they appealed for anyone with information to come forward.'

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    Inside the detective's world of conmen and murderers
    Brisbane Times
    Tony Moore
    May 17 2016

    'The disappearance of Brisbane brothel identity Simone Vogel in September 1977, 10 years before the Fitzgerald Inquiry in 1987 began to probe links between corrupt police and Brisbane brothels, was another revealing investigation for the then-junior consorting squad detective.

    In those days convicted corrupt cop Jack Herbert ran Brisbane's licensing branch and before Herbert's death on the Gold Coast in 2004, he admitted receiving and distributing more than $3 million in corrupt payments over a decade or more.

    A decade before the Fitzgerald Inquiry, after Keith Smith naively told his then-boss, former CIB chief detective Tony Murphy also now dead, he suspected corrupt police may be involved in Simone Vogel's disappearance, he and his partner were taken off her murder investigation.

    A report he later wrote to a different senior officer on Simone Vogel's disappearance was shredded.

    Simone Vogel, also known as Norma June Pavich, or Norma June Beniston, had more than 100 convictions for prostitution in Sydney before she shifted to Brisbane after the 1968 car bomb murder of Sydney vice-king Joe Borg to begin a series of "health studios" or massage parlours in Brisbane.

    The retired detective said tax receipts showed Simone Vogel's network of eight massage parlours in Brisbane made a net personal profit of $4000 a week in 1977, equivalent to $16,250 a week in 2016.'

    'Simone Vogel who frequently wore wigs as a disguise had lived on the Gold Coast in a canal-side luxury home at Broadbeach Waters.

    He said police were never able to find her killer, but discovered on the day of her disappearance she arranged for two $3000 cash payments from her massage parlours.

    Smith doubts she faked her disappearance because she was arranging a 21st birthday party for her son.

    "All that we know was that on that final day she received two phone calls. The first was setting up a meeting and then she said she needed the $3000 cash," he said.

    She got a second $3000 from another of her brothels.

    "During a second phone call, 'She said words to the effect, 'I'll meet you in the place where we met before.

    "It could have been her last corrupt payment," Smith said.

    "Who knows? It could have been.

    "But I'm only surmising."'

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