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    TX - Harris Co. (Houston), 35-40y/o WhtFem, Suitcase in Field, Nov '94

    Look, I am so sorry if this has been posted before but it is IMPOSSIBLE to search these forums - either that or I'm completely inept at doing it.

    Anyway, PM pic at links below



    Recovery location: 2723 Paul Quinn Houston, TX 77091

    Sex: Female

    Age: 35-40 years

    Height/Weight: 5’2” tall, 156 lbs

    Race: White

    Hair: Brown, 4” long

    Eyes: Brown

    Property: Decedent found wearing a pullover white
    striped shirt, green stretch pants, light blue panties
    and a string necklace with a yellow metal medallion of
    Christ’s head, a white metal medallion, and two plastic
    picture medallions.

    Identifiers: 1 ½”scar above the pubic region with a ¾”
    transversely intersecting scar, 1 ¾” scar on left thigh.
    Decedent had upper dentures.

    Details: Decedent was found in a suitcase in a field.

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    I think she was Hispanic, or maybe just religious, because one of the necklaces in the property pic says "AMOR" and "PAZ" (or "love" and "peace").


    Possibly Maria Barrientos.


    43 y/o, 63 inches tall, 130 lbs, last seen wearing white shirt, green knit pants (the UID was wearing a white shirt and green stretch pants)... the only thing that is off is the date. MB was last seen end of June 1994, and the UID was found end of Nov 1994.
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    nvm mb excluded based on dentals

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