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    CANADA - Brittany Morrisseau, 17, Winnipeg, 14 September, 2016

    Brittany Morrisseau, 17, was last seen walking near St. Mary's Road and Tache Avenue on Sept. 14

    She is five feet five inches tall, weighs about 110 pounds with a thin build and has straight long brown hair and brown eyes.

    Police say she was last seen wearing a black track jacket with white stripes on the arms, as well as grey capri tights.
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    Gloria Morrisseau, mother of missing teen Brittany Morrisseau, hasn't seen her daughter since May when she dropped her off for a visit with her brother, she said Tuesday.
    Morrisseau, who lives in Powerview-Pine Falls, said it was the first time her daughter, who she says was in treatment for depression, was willing to leave the house in about a year.
    "She ended up meeting with some guy. Apparently he's got a bad reputation with hard drugs."
    Morrisseau said a Child and Family Services worker met up with her daughter, but Brittany convinced the worker to drop her off at a home in the West End.
    "I don't know if this guy is making her stay with him, making her work the streets. I don't know what is going on."
    Morrisseau said she is worried about her daughter, especially because she's seen her appearance change through photographs. She guesses the teen has lost around 40 or 50 pounds since May.
    "You can just see her bones, it is horrible," Morrisseau said.

    Morrisseau said friends and strangers have been sharing tips about Brittany through Facebook, and that some of the information scares her.
    "I've been told that since she's been on the streets and on the run that she's now got this tramp stamp, a big tattoo on her back with his name on it," she said. "Like, oh my God, 17 years old walking around with something like that."
    Anyone with information is asked to call the Winnipeg Police Service missing persons unit at 204-986-6250.
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    I'm so sad for Brittany and for her Mom.

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    Missing teen Brittany Morrisseau located, Winnipeg police say
    September 23, 2016


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