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    Sonya Cywink, 31 (Whirlwind-Woman) 26 August 1994, London, Ont.


    Sonya, originally from Whitefish River First Nation on Manitoulin Island, was living in London, Ont. at the time and struggling with the wide swath of addictions when she disappeared Aug. 26, 1994.

    Witnesses reported last seeing her near Dundas and Lyle streets around 2 a.m.
    Four days later her body was found just outside of London in Elgin County on the historical pre-contact village site of the Neutral people.
    She was 31.
    It’s been an open murder investigation for the Ontario Provincial Police ever since.
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    The unsolved murder of the Whirlwind Woman

    Jane Gerster
    Overview Part one of Sonya’s story: Sonya Cywink was murdered in August 1994. Here, her sister reflects on her life, her struggles, and the implications of Indian Status.

    Published May 14, 2015
    In the summer of 1998, Mag Cywink, her husband Tom, and a medicine man from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, travelled to southern Ontario. The purpose of their trip was to release two spirits: the spirit of Mag’s sister Sonya and the spirit of Sonya’s unborn child.
    Hundreds of friends and family had gathered amid the greenery of Southwold Earthworks, a 40-minute drive southwest of London. Four years earlier, Sonya’s body had been found in that exact spot. They were about to perform the ancient ceremony when the medicine man, Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand, turned to Mag and asked, “What is her Indian name? Does she have an Indian name?”
    “No,” Mag told him, Sonya didn’t.
    He paused, then told Mag: “I’m going to give her a name.”
    He thought for a few moments.
    He gave Sonya a name from the Lakota tribe, into which Tom had been adopted. Mag can no longer remember the Lakota version, she’s since had it translated into Ojibway: “Biiskwaa-noodin-kwe.”
    It means, “Whirlwind Woman,” Floyd told Mag—like a column of air swirling dust or snow or rain; like a tornado. He said, “Whenever you see that, you’ll know that Sonya’s bringing a message.”

    Sonya in 1977.
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