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    Exclamation AUS - Lateesha Nolan, 24, Dubbo NSW, 4 Jan 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breehannah6
    These poor families and the motherless babies....hope they catch this monster soon. These horrible crimes are a universal tragedy.

    Prayers for the loved ones awaiting answers and justice.

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    Yes I agree with you ! It must be hard as the guy they are looking for was her cousins ,hard to believe the bad guy is related

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    Lateehas father has been trying to join the group but is having problems getting it to accept his legitimate email address (not hotmail,or yahoo) then it sent an email back saying it was full or something I have cut and pasted what he wrote below!
    i spend long nights on the computer it helps me get through the sleepless nights, it was great to find a web site where i can talk to others , had some trouble in joining the websleuth site keep getting this message it would not take my email address it was ok with the ******** site , i tried to send them an email but it came back saying mailbox is full ,i will give it another go tomorrow,

    On another website I gave him the URL of

    hi i am new to this web site it has been 10 months now since my
    daughter was taken of us all the details are at
    we also need to find malcom naden, Malcolm Naden, the man wanted for
    questioning over the murder of 24-year-old mother of two Kristy Scholes
    and disappearance of his cousin lateesha nolan he has been sighted over
    the past weeks on the Mulga Dump. Superintendent Stan Single told The
    Australian newspaper the intelligence was strong enough to mount an
    operation, but Walgett police did not find him. Mr Naden, 31, from Dubbo
    has family in the Walgett area and a number of positive sightings had
    been reported to police, Superintendent Single said. "He may have been
    lucky and spotted police and done a runner, it's a fairly big area to
    cover," he said. Superintendent Single said Mr Nolan was capable of living
    in the bush in some sort of humpy or other dwelling. Mr Naden is wanted
    over the death of Kristy Scholes on June 22, and for questioning over
    the disappearance Lateesha Nolan. He is described as being of Aboriginal
    appearance, 177cm tall, 85kg, of medium build, olive complexion,!
    brown eyes, shaved head and possibly a moustache or beard. Anyone with
    information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
    iI dont know what to do , where to turn if any on has any information
    that could help me please feel free to email me

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    Thanks for the post.
    I do hope that Lateehas dad can join the site. I know it did take sometime for me to be verified, I am on the opposite end in Norway.

    This is just a terrible personal and family tragedy. My thought and prayers are with Lateteesha, her dad and the entire family.

    This guy is going to be hard to catch in my opinion. It may take sheer luck or a mistake on his part. Being a well trained bushman..and survivalist, as well as a hunted man...he is going to be quite astute to his enviroment.

    I believe his day will come though, the waiting and not knowing has to be so painful.

    Lateehas dad can certainly benefit from reading other families sojurns through this hell and limbo..and how they too struggle with the not knowing.

    My thoughts are with this family...may they get at least some answers soon.

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    Thanks for that Petra I will pass this on to him in the meantime,the worst thing is Lateesha is his cousin! The other woman they found murdred was his other cousins wife! It seems like Malcom had some personal development problems,and was living at his grandma,s house.The sad thing is how do you explain to 4 very small children where Mummy then 6 months later Aunty,then Uncle has gone.......................
    They are an indiginous family(Aboriginal) which I feel will not help them when it comes to the resources with the law if you get my drift! Anyways Thanks For Your Kind Words

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breehannah6
    Thanks for that Petra I will pass this on to him in the meantime,the worst thing is Lateesha is his cousin! The other woman they found murdred was his other cousins wife! It seems like Malcom had some personal development problems,and was living at his grandma,s house.The sad thing is how do you explain to 4 very small children where Mummy then 6 months later Aunty,then Uncle has gone.......................
    They are an indiginous family(Aboriginal) which I feel will not help them when it comes to the resources with the law if you get my drift! Anyways Thanks For Your Kind Words

    What a horrible thing to have happen. This guy sounds really strange. I wonder if the women ever felt uncomfortable with him around or had he always been strange and was just accepted for the way he was?

    He knows that the cops are after him and will probably try and keep out of sight. What ever possessed him to murder those women? All those little kids without their mothers now. I hope that someone in the families can take them and raise them with lots of love.

    I hope that this father finds his daughter. I think the not knowing would be worse then the knowing. Race shouldn't play a part when searching for missing people. That is totally wrong. Money shouldn't play a part either. I hear what you are saying though. If you are beautiful and rich...a senator's wife or someone of importance you can bet LE will be all over the place hunting for you. It isn't right but that is the truth.

    Hopfully this guy will be caught and maybe he will tell what he did with Lateesha. Every family needs to be able to bury their loved one and also hope that justice will prevail.

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    yes I agree with you on all aspects ,I have contacted Kelly who will try to give him some suggestions as we can only imagine whereas Kelly knows where he is coming from.
    I think they all accepted he was weird when you hear he was a loner and lived at grandmas house with the locked door coming and going from the window imagine after losing Lateesha how the grandmother must feel finding her other grandsons wife dead (6 months later) in her house...................
    I am sure every family has its own special dysfunctional member he was theirs by the sounds of things and we are all guilty of thinking well thats just the way they are and they probably felt he was harmless to everyone but himself! It seems he had no prior arrests and had held down employment so its not like he had escaped from a mental instituition ,why would you worry???
    I have sent the moderator an email over her Dad having troubles joining hopefully he will be on very soon!

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    Exclamation Lateesha Nolan thread

    This is the thread seperate to my post on the non related story!
    This is genuine not some hoax as suggested on another thread

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    Checking in to see if there is any news yet.

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    sounds very promising Mick!

    He is also wanted in relation to an act of indecency on a child in 2004, and for questioning over the disappearance of Lateesha Nolan earlier this year.
    what is the story on the child Mick?
    Its the first I have heard of this , I only hope you get your wish granted very soon to find out the truth as to what happened to Lateesha

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    lateesha nolan

    the latest on the hunt for malcom naden
    Manhunt in the zoo, Australia - 10 hours ago
    By Andrew Carswell. DESPITE fears a suspected murderer is hiding within the grounds, Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, NSW will reopen to the public today. ...
    Where the wild things are: murder hunt closes zoo
    Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 11 hours ago
    By Jordan Baker, Kelly Burke and Edmund Tadros. HE does not sound like a man easily spooked, so it may have seemed the perfect spot ...
    Murder suspect still at large
    Australian, Australia - 16 hours ago
    By David Crawshaw and Amy Fallon. A MASSIVE police search has failed to locate a suspected murderer believed to be hiding in Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo. ...
    Cops search Dubbo zoo for murder suspect
    The Age, Australia - 19 hours ago
    Police are searching for suspected murderer Malcolm Naden after a reported sighting of the fugitive in Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo. ...
    Police close zoo
    Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 23 hours ago
    Officers won't comment on the nature of the investigation, but say the zoo has been shut for the day. Streets around the zoo have ...
    Zoo closed for 'murder hunt'
    Australian, Australia - 23 hours ago
    DUBBI'S Western Plains Zoo has been closed to the public as police conduct investigations in the area. Police today refused to confirm ...
    Search At Western Plains Zoo Dubbo
    NSW Police Online, Australia - 13 hours ago
    Police from the Orana Local Area Command have completed their search of the Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo today. The search was initiated ...
    Police hunt murder suspect in Australian Zoo
    Pravda, Russia - 14 hours ago
    Dozens of police hunted through an Australian zoo Friday after being tipped off that a murder suspect may have been hiding out among the animals. ...
    Police search for murder suspect
    Lightning Ridge News, Australia - Dec 21, 2005
    Homicide detectives from across the State descended on Grawin last week in a large-scale operation to catch a suspected murderer believed to be hiding in the ...
    Help sought to find fugitive
    Dubbo Daily Liberal, Australia - Dec 21, 2005
    Police have once again called on the public to help them find Dubbo fugitive Malcolm Naden who is wanted in relation to the murder of Kristy Scholes and the ...
    No sign of man in zoo search
    Brisbane Courier Mail, Australia - 7 hours ago
    A WIDE police search has failed to locate a suspected murderer believed to be hiding at Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo. The world-famous ...
    Manhunt in the zoo
    Daily Telegraph, Australia - 10 hours ago
    By ANDREW CARSWELL. DESPITE fears a suspected murderer is hiding within the grounds, Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo will reopen to the public today. ...
    Zoo search fails to find murder suspect
    The Age, Australia - 16 hours ago
    A massive police search has failed to locate a suspected murderer believed to be hiding in Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo. The world ...
    Manhunt: police close zoo
    Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 19 hours ago
    By Edmund Tadros. Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo was closed to the public today as police searched for suspected double murderer Malcolm Naden. ...
    Dubbo Zoo shut, murder suspect sought
    Ninemsn, Australia - 20 hours ago
    Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo has been closed to the public as police conduct investigations in the area. Police on Friday refused ...
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    If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.

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    sydney morning herald 26-12-05

    Here is the story from page two of the Sydney Morning Herald
    By Jordan Baker
    December 26, 2005

    FOR the family of Malcolm John Naden, this was Christmas: one cousin dead, another missing, and a third on the run from the homicide squad.

    Distraught relatives of Naden, the bush fugitive who prompted a huge manhunt at Western Plains Zoo on Friday, are pleading with him to hand himself in, saying it was time to "sort this mess out".

    Naden, an unemployed shearer and former skinner and boner at Dubbo abattoir, has been wanted since August, when the strangled body of Kristy Scholes, the wife of one of his cousins, was found in his bedroom.

    He is also linked to the disappearance of another cousin, Lateesha Nolan.

    The 31-year-old has been spotted working for cash in mines near Walgett, selling opals noodled from a dump and living in Western Plains Zoo. Each time, he has managed to elude police.

    Janette Lancaster, his aunt, has sent a message to Naden over the internet in the hope someone will pass it on.

    "Pop [their grandfather, who has had a heart attack] is very ill and he needs to know how you are and hear your side of the story in regards to Kristy," it said.
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    last photo of malcom naden
    January 3, 2006

    Malcolm Naden's aunty talks about the man on the run, writes Jordan Baker.

    THIS is Malcolm John Naden as his family remembers him.

    For reasons known only to the man on the run from murder allegations, Naden posed for the photograph after gathering and destroying every picture he could find of himself.

    It captures Naden, dishcloth in hand, as he looked when he disappeared a day before the strangled body of his cousin's partner Kristy Scholes was found next to his single bed in August.

    Until now police have relied on a picture of a fuller-faced man with closely cropped hair to jog the memories of members of the public who may have seen Naden on the run.

    The photograph is taken in the Dubbo home of his grandparents, who took him in when he fled his home after repeated clashes with his father.

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    Mick my thoughts are with you tomorrow for Lateesha,s memorial service .
    I am sure its only a matter of time before something unfolds and will shed some light on her dissappearance,
    I still wonder why both girls were targetted in this crime? I loved the photo you posted of Lateesha such a beautiful young woman , you must have been told that many times. Once again my best wishes

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    Vigil of hope for missing woman

    Lateesha Nolan is a person - not a crime story. That is the message her family and friends will be sending tonight - one year after her disappearance - with a candlelight vigil at the river. The vigil - originally planned for 5pm - will now take place at 8.30pm after the family received special assistance from the fire brigade so they were still able to hold the candlelight ceremony during a total fire ban.

    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    I would imagine that Mick will not be able to post for a short time as where he lives to Dubbo is a days drive. I would also think he may spend time with family and friends during this very sad period of time.
    Thanks for posting that PrayersForMaura as I am sure that Mick appreciates the fact that we are all behind him on this.
    Its very hot here in Australia with lots of thunderstorms I am praying that its stays fine in Dubbo tonight for the family as some of the storms have been very fierce doing lots of damage.
    Thanks again for keeping this thread alive

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    Unhappy Vigil

    Thinking of Latesha, Mick and the entire family.

    my prayers and thought are with them in spirit at the vigil.
    lighting a candle fot them at my home tonight.

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    Sorry to hear this, Breehannah. I have no clue as to what you are talking about with other posts or threads.

    Wish you the best and please have mick stay in touch with us. I am thinking of him and his family and all the little ones. This is such a terrible tragedy.

    Best wishes

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    vigil for lateesha nolan

    Vigil for Lateesha
    Friday, 6 January 2006

    They came from every corner of Dubbo and even from the Central Coast, they caught lifts with friends and neighbours - the foam cups around their candles were decorated with Lateesha Nolan's name and the date of her disappearance. By the time Lateesha's family arrived at the Tamworth Street carpark almost 200 people had gathered in the dusk - a show of solidarity and love that immediately touched the hearts of everyone in Lateesha's family. Lateesha's Uncle Ted Lancaster said later the "feeling of driving across the bridge and seeing all the cars was just overwhelming". "I only expected around 20 adults so to see over 150 people here was way beyond my wildest dream," Mr Lancaster said. The candlelight vigil for Lateesha Nolan held last night - on the one-year anniversary of her disappearance - began with emotion and solidarity. As the night darkened and the candles illuminated the faces of so many people pained by her disappearance the emotion grew. The message of the vigil - the need for more information - the need to find Lateesha, so her four children and her family can finally have some closure was repeated again and again. Tears overwhelmed Mr Lancaster as he began the quiet ceremony by reading a message from Lateesha's mother Joan Nolan. "If only we knew where you were to bring you home," Mrs Nolan wrote. Friends and family were told of Lateesha's "happy go-lucky nature" and how she was "generous to a fault". Lateesha's greatest fear was that her children would be involved in a car accident. "But what has happened now is far, far worse with no answers to the questions that eat away at you," Mr Lancaster said. "I'm sure that someone must know what happened to Lateesha. "I pray that they will make it their new year's resolution to ease their conscience and tell us what happened." By the time Lateesha's cousin, Kirsty Peachey, read the poem, Our Stolen Beauty, children were openly crying. Accompanied on guitar by Brandon Trautman, Ms Peachey said she missed her friend and cousin more each day. "Picturing you in my mind should I smile or should I cry, do I think of happy past times or of the months that have gone by," Ms Peachey said. from page one "I remember the talks we used to have - I knew it was you we could always trust," she said. "'Teesha you will live forever in your kids and in our hearts. You know that we all love you wherever you may be." Ms Peachey said that she was inspired to share her very personal poem at the vigil in the hope that someone will come forward with information. "I just hope people will see us all hurting and how much we are hoping to get a bit more information," Mrs Peachey said. Eight-year-old Kiana Peachey was one of the Children crying during the poem. "I do miss her and I dream about her nearly every night that she's come alive," Kiana said. Her nine-year-old cousin Khadijah Towney was also close to tears. "I felt really sad and I felt like crying but I tried to be brave," Khadijah said. Before the vigil took place Lateesha's family were worried that the ceremony might cause more pain for Lateesha's four young children, Kiesha, Erica, Jayden and Shaqkalia, but those fears were allayed by the number of people who came to share their pain. "At least the kids will have a positive memory of something," Mr Lancaster said. "The strength you brought just by being here tonight I hope we can keep it going to support Joan and the kids," he said. "We need that help to continue throughout the lives of the children."
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    Unhappy one year anniversary-still no answers

    I am so glad you updated us on the vigil for Lateesha. It sounds like it was a beautiful time of remembrence of a young woman who touched so many lives. Yes, she will always live on through her children and I am sure they will make her proud.

    I am so sorry for this living nightmare your family is going through. I have no words to express the pain and loss you must be feeling.
    So glad that you have the support of family, loving friends and the community.
    Hoping you get some answers soon so the healing can begin.

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    most wanted

    Dubbo man makes most wanted list

    Monday, 20 February 2006. 15:17 (AEDT)Monday, 20 February 2006. 14:17 (ACST)Monday, 20 February 2006. 14:17 (AEST)Monday, 20 February 2006. 15:17 (ACDT)Monday, 20 February 2006. 12:17 (AWST)

    A Dubbo man wanted for questioning about the death of a woman and disappearance of another will feature on a new most wanted list of criminals.

    Malcolm Naden has been missing since June last year after the death of Kristy Scholes.

    He is also wanted for questioning about the disappearance of Lateesha Nolan more than a year ago.

    Naden's photo and details will appear on the NSW police website and in banks and other places of business.

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    I think January 3rd will be the second anniversary of Lateesha's disappearance. I wish there was more information by now.

    Prayers for her and her family!

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    Hi Mattsmum.
    Hopefully the reward money will help flush him out.......somebody has to be helping him hide...lets hope they decide to cash in..
    Thoughts and prayers to the family.

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