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    Australia - Lateesha Nolan, 24, Dubbo NSW, 4 Jan 2005 *M. Naden guilty*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breehannah6
    These poor families and the motherless babies....hope they catch this monster soon. These horrible crimes are a universal tragedy.

    Prayers for the loved ones awaiting answers and justice.

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    Yes I agree with you ! It must be hard as the guy they are looking for was her cousins ,hard to believe the bad guy is related

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    Lateehas father has been trying to join the group but is having problems getting it to accept his legitimate email address (not hotmail,or yahoo) then it sent an email back saying it was full or something I have cut and pasted what he wrote below!
    i spend long nights on the computer it helps me get through the sleepless nights, it was great to find a web site where i can talk to others , had some trouble in joining the websleuth site keep getting this message it would not take my email address it was ok with the ******** site , i tried to send them an email but it came back saying mailbox is full ,i will give it another go tomorrow,

    On another website I gave him the URL of

    hi i am new to this web site it has been 10 months now since my
    daughter was taken of us all the details are at
    we also need to find malcom naden, Malcolm Naden, the man wanted for
    questioning over the murder of 24-year-old mother of two Kristy Scholes
    and disappearance of his cousin lateesha nolan he has been sighted over
    the past weeks on the Mulga Dump. Superintendent Stan Single told The
    Australian newspaper the intelligence was strong enough to mount an
    operation, but Walgett police did not find him. Mr Naden, 31, from Dubbo
    has family in the Walgett area and a number of positive sightings had
    been reported to police, Superintendent Single said. "He may have been
    lucky and spotted police and done a runner, it's a fairly big area to
    cover," he said. Superintendent Single said Mr Nolan was capable of living
    in the bush in some sort of humpy or other dwelling. Mr Naden is wanted
    over the death of Kristy Scholes on June 22, and for questioning over
    the disappearance Lateesha Nolan. He is described as being of Aboriginal
    appearance, 177cm tall, 85kg, of medium build, olive complexion,!
    brown eyes, shaved head and possibly a moustache or beard. Anyone with
    information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
    iI dont know what to do , where to turn if any on has any information
    that could help me please feel free to email me

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    Thanks for the post.
    I do hope that Lateehas dad can join the site. I know it did take sometime for me to be verified, I am on the opposite end in Norway.

    This is just a terrible personal and family tragedy. My thought and prayers are with Lateteesha, her dad and the entire family.

    This guy is going to be hard to catch in my opinion. It may take sheer luck or a mistake on his part. Being a well trained bushman..and survivalist, as well as a hunted man...he is going to be quite astute to his enviroment.

    I believe his day will come though, the waiting and not knowing has to be so painful.

    Lateehas dad can certainly benefit from reading other families sojurns through this hell and limbo..and how they too struggle with the not knowing.

    My thoughts are with this family...may they get at least some answers soon.

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    Thanks for that Petra I will pass this on to him in the meantime,the worst thing is Lateesha is his cousin! The other woman they found murdred was his other cousins wife! It seems like Malcom had some personal development problems,and was living at his grandma,s house.The sad thing is how do you explain to 4 very small children where Mummy then 6 months later Aunty,then Uncle has gone.......................
    They are an indiginous family(Aboriginal) which I feel will not help them when it comes to the resources with the law if you get my drift! Anyways Thanks For Your Kind Words

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    Pain of missing woman still felt

    Vanessa Marsh | 3rd August 2011

    “It’s the worst feeling to have someone you love missing,” Mr Peet said.

    “It’s a terrible feeling ... I think about it day and night.”
    Bless your family Mr. Peet.

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    NSW POLICE State Crime Command yesterday confirmed a wallet belonging to missing Dubbo mother of four Lateesha Nolan was found on the banks of the Macquarie River in Dubbo

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    NSW POLICE State Crime Command yesterday confirmed a wallet belonging to missing Dubbo mother of four Lateesha Nolan was found on the banks of the Macquarie River in Dubbo

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    Quiet vigil marks seven years

    SEVEN years on and the heartbreak Innes Park man Mick Peet felt when he first discovered his 24-year-old daughter Lateesha Nolan had gone missing is just as fresh, just as painful.


    In the past months memories of her disappearance have been stirred up yet again by the search for one of New South Wales' most wanted men, Malcolm John Naden, who is believed to have been involved in Ms Nolan's disappearance.


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    Malcolm Naden captured by hidden police bush cameras

    Tracked for more than 2460 days, Naden was walking towards Moppy Valley when he was captured on film by a secret police surveillance "bush cam."

    Wanted in connection with the brutal killings of Dubbo mother Kristy Scholes and his cousin Lateesha Nolan, the eerie images caught Naden as he tramped alone in bushland, about 60 kilometres from where he was arrested near Gloucester.

    Detectives reveal how they caught Australia's most wanted fugitive Malcolm Naden after eight years


    Mr Willing says the only loose end is providing Ms Nolan's family closure and recovering her remains.


    March 22, 2012: Police capture Naden in rugged bushland west of Gloucester just after midnight.
    April 2012: Naden is taken to a dig scene at Butler Falls after telling officers he disposed of Lateesha's remains at the site - they are not found.
    June 2012: Naden is moved into Long Bay Hospital and placed on suicide watch after becoming depressed in Supermax.
    March 2013: Naden pleads guilty to the murder of Kristy Scholes and Lateesha Nolan, the indecent assault of a young girl and attempted murder of a police officer.
    June 14, 2013: A judge sentences Naden to life with no parole. He thanks the judge.

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