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    Inuk artist Annie Pootoogook found dead in Ottawa,September 2016


    Police seek public's help retracing movements leading up to her death

    Prominent Inuk artist Annie Pootoogook has been identified as the woman whose body was found in Ottawa's Rideau River earlier this week.

    Officials with the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative in her hometown, Cape Dorset, Nunavut, confirmed the death of the chalk-and-ink artist, who rose to prominence when she won the Sobey Award in 2006.
    Pootoogook, 47, had been living in Ottawa.
    Her drawings offered a contemporary take on her culture, where old customs intermingled with modern technology and goods.
    Her work is part of the collections at the National Gallery of Canada and the Ontario Gallery of Art and was recently part of an exhibition on Indigenous pop art at Ottawa's Saw Gallery.
    Ottawa police say they are not treating it as a homicide, but the major crimes unit is investigating. Police are hoping to get the public's help in retracing her steps leading up to the discovery of her body on Sept. 19.

    A city worker called 911 just before 9 a.m. ET Monday after seeing a body in the river near Bordeleau Park, which sits off King Edward Avenue, Cathcart and Bruyère streets in the Lowertown neighbourhood.
    Anyone who saw Pootoogook in the days leading up to Sept. 19 is asked to contact the major crimes unit at 613-236-1222 ext. 5493.
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    A collection of chalk-and-ink drawings by Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook, winner of the Sobey Award in 2006

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    Pootoogook’s story is one of a rocket ride to superstardom in the art world, followed by a crash into addiction, life on the street and tragedy.

    Originally from Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Pootoogook was considered one of Canada’s most pre-eminent Inuit artists. Her grandmother, Pitseolak Ashoona, also an artist, was the last to grow up in the nomadic Inuit lifestyle. Her mother, Napachie Pootoogook, was also an artist who died in 2002.

    Pootoogook began drawing in 1997 and was discovered about 14 years ago by Patricia Feheley of Feheley Fine Arts, a Toronto art gallery that began buying her work through the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative in Cape Dorset. Her drawings were a jarring chronicle of modern Inuit life — a family watching Jerry Springer on television, ATM cash machines, scenes of alcoholism and spousal abuse.
    Pootoogook, who has lived in Ottawa since 2007, battled the demons of sexual abuse, alcohol and drugs. By 2012 she had disappeared from view and journalists who attempted to track down the media-shy artist were disappointed. She drew attention again when Citizen reporter Hugh Adami found her pregnant, panhandling and selling drawings for $25 to $30 on the street to pay for cigarettes.

    Annie Pootoogook in 2012, drawing on the sidewalk near the Rideau Centre.
    R.I.P. Ms Pootoogook
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    'Suspicious elements' of Inuk artist Annie Pootoogook's death draw Ottawa police attention

    Gaps remain in timeline leading up to discovery of Pootoogook's body in Rideau River last week

    By Kristy Nease, CBC News Posted: Sep 27, 2016
    "We're taking a look at suspicious elements of it. It doesn't mean there's foul play right now. It doesn't mean the whole thing is suspicious. There is just something about it that's just not sitting right, so we're going to take a closer look."
    "[There's been] a good, overwhelming public response," Pirt said. "A lot of people liked her, a lot of people came forward trying to be helpful.… The problem is that with her nomadic nature, it's very difficult to pinpoint her last movements.
    "The timeline has got some gaps in it and we're just trying to fill that in."
    The cause of death is not being released, and police won't say what elements of the case they find suspicious.
    Anyone who saw Pootoogook in the days leading up to Sept. 19 is asked to call the major crimes unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5493. Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling Crime Stoppers toll-free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

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    Dr. Phil, by Annie Pootoogook.

    She always said she could only draw what she had lived, which included scenes of cozy domesticity, of watching Dr. Phil on TV, and of cutting up raw seal on a piece of cardboard on the floor. It also included images of domestic violence, which startled those who looked to Inuit art only for timeless views of wholesome Northern traditions.
    “She was drawing out of personal experience, but also out of shared cultural experience,” said Heather Igloliorte, Concordia University Research Chair in Indigenous Art History. That had been a feature of her mother and grandmother’s art too, said Ms. Igloliorte, but Inuit life had changed, and Ms. Pootoogook had been born into a new reality.
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    'We're tired of being hurt': Annie Pootoogook honoured at Parliament Hill vigil

    As Ottawa police continue to investigate the suspicious circumstances of Annie Pootoogook's death, the Inuk artist's image was front and centre among photos of missing and murdered Indigenous women Tuesday at a vigil on Parliament Hill. Oct 04,
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    Ottawa officer charged after online remarks about death of Inuit artist
    October 23, 2016

    An Ottawa police officer who publicly speculated that a celebrated Inuit artist may have “got drunk and fell in the river” while his colleagues were still investigating her unsolved death has been charged under the Police Services Act.
    Read more: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/...ticle32487338/

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