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    DC - Burrito Sparks 7-Eleven Fight

    The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating an early-morning fight that supposedly started over a burrito.

    Police said a man inside the store didn't have enough money to pay for his burrito and left the store to get more. While he was outside, another of the store's patrons decided to buy that burrito.

    News4 talked to that patron, who didn't want to be identified. He said when the man came back into the store, he became livid that someone had bought his burrito and the fight escalated from there.

    Police said the fight then spilled outside the store and at some point, the girlfriend of the original purchaser opened a car door and released a 75- to 80-pound pit bull, which bit three men, including an innocent bystander.


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    Well, now if it was the last chocolate donut, I could understand. But a burrito

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