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    Ramsey Home Walkthrough by Paula Woodward 2

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    watching this video of the sunroom made me visualize PR sitting there when JBR was found.
    And the first thought that came to me was (if i was her in that position) would be omg i cant believe she has been here all this time......and we didnt know.!!!
    to my knowledge words to this effect were not uttered??
    ill have to research exactly what she did say but i know it wasnt this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No it's not View Post

    Parts of this home ESP. the kitchen - reminds me of the interior of the lodge from The Shining.
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    what a maze! You definately had to know the house very well to go to the 'wine room..............and YUCK! What a horrific room to die in. How about the heigth of he light switches down there. Any guess the heigth???
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    Post Brief Summary

    Thank you Tricia!

    These videos are extremely helpful to get a feeling for the complexity of the Ramsey house. A brief summary/index of this particular video:

    • Kitchen area
    • Informal Dining area
    • Formal Dining area
    • Living room “Sunroom”
    • Butler’s kitchen
    • North side lanai door
    • Living room/famlily room
    • Fireplace
    • Basement door (open/shut/ door swing)
    • Steps to basement (handrail)
    • Bathroom in basement
    • Basement sink
    • Door to boiler room and Wine Cellar door
    • Train-room
    • Wine cellar foyer (light conditions)
    • Wine cellar (light switch, door swing)
    • Boiler room ( large freezer)
    • Inside Wine Cellar (floor with algae, wall, floor safe,window screens, light conditions)
    • Storage room in basement (blocked windows, cemented in, closet)

    -Continuation of basement video here:

    If the key does not fit, it's the wrong key.

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