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    CA - Dr. Peter Keegan, Ukiah, Mendocino Cty, 11 November 2010

    Dr. Peter KEEGAN POI
    (In the case of his wife Susan Keegan http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ghlight=Keegan)


    Although Dr. Peter Keegan was married to Susan for 32 years, it was not always a contented marriage. At about 2000, they hit a rough patch in their relationship, according to his wife Susan, but mended matters. In 2009, the doctor survived a heart attack; the experience seemed to sour his personality. Then, in 2010, Dr. Peter Keegan plumped for a divorce from Susan. In an early October meeting, he was outraged to learn that Susan was entitled to half their marital estate. He then began telling others in their social circle that his wife was an emotionally unstable boozer and drug abuser. He was also disgusted that she had terminated his sexual access to her.

    At about the same date, Dr. Keegan ran into work difficulties. He misprescribed a potentially lethal drug to a patient. As a result, he was suspended from his job at the Round Valley Indian Health Clinic in Covelo CA.

    The homicide

    By now, the Keegans were separated and living in opposite wings of the family home pending their divorce.They were the only people in the house. The locally prominent doctor reportedly found wife Susan Ettinger Keegan dead from a fall in her bathroom at 7 AM on 11 November 2010. He told responding officers that Susan was a substance abuser fond of Irish Whisky and Vicodin.The death was deemed accidental, and the crime scene not preserved.

    Her body was released to him as next of kin. He cremated her on 13 November 2010. Meanwhile, Susan's numerous friends and sizable family erupted in outrage. They knew Susan as a social drinker and occasional marijuana smoker; they branded claims of addiction false. The two friends who spent the evening of the 10th with Susan claimed she was sober when she left their residence.

    At Susan's memorial service on 21November 2010, Dr. Keegan sat apart from the Keegan adult sons. Observers remarked that Dr. Keegan showed no signs of grief.

    The aftermath

    Meanwhile, the widower hired Mendocino County's premier defense lawyer, K. F. Within a few days of Susan's death, Dr. Keegan created a Facebook page stating he was “interested in women”. He soon had a personal trainer at the local health club, began bicycling and dancing, and told a friend his life was much improved.

    Dr. Keegan was uncooperative when he met with a Mendocino County Sheriff's Office detective to review the coroner's report on Susan. It seems that Susan had somehow suffered two gashes on her head in a single fall.

    On 14 June 2011, the Keegan home was searched by LE; a forensic specialist was included in the multi-agency team.

    In August 2012, Susan Keegan's death was officially dubbed a homicide.

    January 2013 saw a second search of the Keegan home.

    On 23 July 2013, www.Justice4Susan.com was launched to keep interest alive concerning Susan's death. Thusfar, the District Attorney has declined to prosecute because he considers he has insufficient evidence for conviction. TheJustice4Susan Committee has been pressuring the DA to present the case to the county Grand Jury for indictment and subsequent trial.

    Ukiah Daily Journal obituary, 17 November2010: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/uki...?pid=146671625
    The Anderson Valley Advertiser, 25 February2011: http://theava.com/archives/10166
    The AVA, 16 June 2011: http://theava.com/archives/11246
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    The AVA, 22 August 2012: http://theava.com/archives/17126
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    The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, 11 November2014: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/30...wait-continues

    Information concerning this active homicide case may be called in to the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office Tipline at 707-234-2100. Their Investigative Services Bureau may be emailed at barneys@co.mendocino.ca.us.The Sheriff's Office can also be reached at 951 Low Gap Road, Ukiah, CA95482.

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    Don't know how I missed this before

    I found another article concerning the pending divorce (link below). It seems that during a divorce mediation session on 9 November 2010, Dr. Keegan "went ballistic" at the idea of sharing the family wealth with Susan. Within two days, she was dead.

    The attorney who was mediating cites confidentiality and refuses to discuss the meeting. Public pressure is being brought on the County District Attorney to subpoena the lawyer and obtain information about the meet. The article also discusses legal precedents for the subpoena.

    Anderson Valley Advertiser, 9 October 2013: http://theava.com/archives/24192

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