Carol Ann Fitzmaurice was murdered inside her home in October of 1970. She was found stabbed to death on her living room floor; her husband Dan made the gruesome discovery when he arrived home from work at around six. Carol had been stabbed 14 times and a knife discovered nearby in a creek was believed to have been the murder weapon. The autopsy report revealed that she was not sexually assaulted.

During the morning, Carol had been at work. She worked for Dr. Webster, as a nurse at his osteopathic practice. At about noon, she left and had lunch with her parents in Olean. She was last seen alive at about 1:00 in the afternoon. An uncooked chicken was still in the oven, clearly indicating that she had been killed before starting dinner. Some sources write that she was surprised by the intruder and managed to put up a struggle. Other sources highlight that there was no sign of a break-in. Between 4:20 and 5:55, Melvin P. was across the road in the barn owned by the family. He stored his horses there and during this time, he was tending to them. He reported that he did not hear or notice anything out of the ordinary.

Detectives received information that a young man driving a red or maroon fastback car was seen in the area and near the home on the day of the murder. A sketch was released but the man was never identified.

Carol's husband Dan had a strong alibi and was at work during the day. He died in a motorcycle accident a few years later and is buried next to his wife.

Numerous leads were chased down but police never made any arrests nor did they announce a possible motive. There's a lengthy conversation on Topix that elaborates on some of the theories and how the town was like back in 1970. DNA was reportedly collected and there's always a chance that they can find a match based on what they have. - Rough timeline of the murder - Link includes older reports.

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