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    AZ - Rafael Ballesteros, 20, & Roy Angulo, 32, Tucson, 3 Nov 2005

    Bad influence: Label hung on dead friend of gun victim
    Relatives of Rafael M. Ballesteros Jr. did not approve of his friend, Roy Edward Angulo, and they believe Ballesteros' friendship with the man 12 years his senior led to their deaths in a double homicide last week.

    Ballesteros' father, Otis Ray Dove Jr., said yesterday he believes Angulo, an admitted former street gangster who served prison time on a drug conviction, was targeted in Thursday's slaying at the end of West 36th Street in the Tucson Mountains foothills.

    "I think my son was just there at the wrong time with the person," Dove said.

    Ballesteros' mother, Ramona Morgan, said her family had known Angulo for some 12 years and that is how Ballesteros, 20, knew Angulo, 32.

    "I know he was an innocent victim," she said of her son.

    The two, along with Ballesteros' girlfriend, Sylvia Washington-Tello, spoke during a news conference yesterday organized by Homicide Survivors, a support group for friends and family of homicide victims.

    Angulo had been paralyzed from the waist down in a 1992 gang shooting in Kennedy Park. A year later, he told the Tucson Citizen he still would have been active in a gang if he was not in a wheelchair. He was in prison from 1997 to 2002 on a drug charge, state records show.

    Ballesteros was not in a gang, his family members insisted, adding they did not know if Angulo had resumed his gang involvement.

    Morgan said she had telephoned her son the day before he was killed, but couldn't reach him. So she called Washington-Tello, the mother of his 2-year-old son, Rafael M. Ballesteros III, and left a message for him to come home for dinner that night.

    He eventually called his mother. It was the last time either woman heard from him.

    "He told me he was with Roy (Angulo). . . . We didn't like him hanging out with Roy," Morgan said.

    Washington-Tello said the last words she and Ballesteros spoke to each other were "I love you, good-bye."

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