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    TX - Boy Assaulted By Students In Elementary School Bathroom

    A 6-year-old boy was traumatized after school officials said older students assaulted him in the bathroom of his elementary school.

    School officials said the assault happened Wednesday at Westwood Terrace Elementary School."

    While he was in the restroom he was surprised by one or more older children from the school," said North Side Independent School District spokesman Pascual Gonzalez. "They proceeded to pull his pants down and they poured Elmer's Glue on his private parts."

    Gonzalez said after the assault, the boy, who was scared, went to his teacher and told her what happened.

    She took him to the nurse, who cleaned him up and called his mother.

    Gonzalez said the nurse doesn't believe any serious physical damage was done.

    Friday, the child, along with his mother, went classroom-to-classroom trying to identify the older boys who did this to him.Gonzalez said the boy is having a hard time because they approached him from behind.

    Meanwhile, the school has made some changes when it comes to letting kids out of the classroom to use the restroom. "The children will now have to go to the bathroom in pairs," said Gonzalez. "They will not be allowed to go by themselves. In addition, the children will have to sign out with the time they leave the classroom and the time that they come back."


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    You know it's so sad when such a young child is hurt like that. Poor little guy didn't deserve that! I wonder how old the other kids were that did this to him? How cruel :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marisa714
    You know it's so sad when such a young child is hurt like that. Poor little guy didn't deserve that! I wonder how old the other kids were that did this to him? How cruel :-(
    If I was him. The next time they came in to do harm again. I would say here fools take this. And have the cops right there while they tried it again. But it won't happend again as long as they have time cards for the kids.

    Stupid fools like to molest kids and get away with it. Like boy's for a sample and young one's at that.

    I hope they get Caught soon.

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    I can think of a totally un-PC way to handle this...

    Send a letter home to all of the parents in the school telling them about the incident and asking them to speak to their children about it. Ask them to discuss the possibility of their child having some knowledge of who might have been involved in this molestation case. Stress the importance of identifying the offenders, not for the sake of punishment, but for treatment, since boys who molest other young boys at this age need psychiatric intervention as soon as possible to explore possible reasons for this hostile and abusive behavior so that it doesn't escalate to more violent episodes.

    You might get a kid who breaks and tells on the others, but even if you don't, you'll send the message that the kids who did this "like little boys." The peer pressure alone might prevent it from ever happening again.

    Of course, the school would probably get sued...

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    Time cards for kids. Thats interesting. I have often thought they should have time cards for sexual offenders. Places they are required to check in during the day, like bank parking lots, their homes, etc.

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