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    KY - Spencer Huddleston, 27, Barren County, 7 Oct 2016

    UPDATE: Search in Barren County for missing man
    The sheriff's office says 27-year-old Spencer D. Huddleston was reported missing by his family, and was last seen on Friday when he said he was going to go fishing.

    On Monday, deputies found some of Huddleston's belongings including his car near the Siddens Road Bridge in Barren County and there was no sign of Huddleston.

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    Police are now calling this a cold case? Not sure what that means. From the linked http://www.wnky.com/story/33375704/p...ty-man-is-cold
    "he was fishing on Barren River Lake. At first authorities thought it might be a drowning, so they spent several days searching both land and water, but with no body recovered, they are now calling it a missing person case."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalagali View Post
    Police are now calling this a cold case?
    Actually, I think they're treating him as a possible fugitive rather than a missing person.

    I hadn't heard of this guy, so I looked him up. One of the results was from KOOL (Spencer Huddleston) That's basically a KY gov't run directory of anybody that's in jail and will be there for a bit and who's on probation. He had three drug charges from back in summer-2015 and was on probation for that.

    Police question Barren County man's disappearance

    WBKO-13 (ABC)
    Bowling Green, KY
    While Huddleston is still considered missing, Deputy Mike Houchens says the 27-year-old's track record could be a possible hint over his disappearance.

    "Pretty satisfied that he's not in the lake. We have moved it toward a missing person investigation. Since that, he's also been entered in to the NCIC for warrants, outstanding warrants that he does have here in Barren County."
    Spencer Huddleston has warrants out for his arrest for arson, persistent felony offender, possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of marijuana.

    If anyone has a possible lead or knows where Spencer Huddleston might be, contact the Barren County Sheriff's Office at (270) 651-2771.
    I found a few stories that mention him being a fugitive. One of them has confused me. It is a local story from 12/2016 that mentions him being indicted for having a controlled substance (meth), paraphernalia and marijuana. I don't see how he could do all that while being a missing person. Unless it was something they were holding over his head from the past. His old charges were briefly mentioned, but I'm pretty sure they're talking about 12/2016.

    Disappearance first considered possible drowning may be suspect flight

    Glasgow Daily Times
    Glasgow, KY
    In early October, emergency responders were called to a scene along Siddens Road where a car was found apparently abandoned and it appeared someone had been fishing, but that person, Spencer D. Huddleston, was nowhere to be found on the land around there or in the adjacent waters of Beaver Creek.

    The search that was initially treated as a possible drowning continued for a few days before tapering off.
    On Dec. 20, Huddleston was indicted on separate charges of possession of a controlled substance, first degree, second offense (methamphetamine); buying or possessing drug paraphernalia; and possession of marijuana, according to a summary record. Because the indictment is, again, not yet public, it is unclear when these crimes are alleged to have occurred.

    Houchens said Huddleston has active warrants against him, and he has been entered in the National Crime Information Center as a wanted individual.
    I wonder what the charges would bring him..? They don't sound too very bad. I can't decide if it would be worth running or whatever. Just because he was on probation doesn't preclude him from being a genuine missing person.

    And did they find him and catch him with meth in December and then lose him again? I don't know what to make of the December indictments. Oh, OK. I just saw where it said that they could basically be from anytime
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    Looks like he had new charges a month before he went missing...arson, drugs, etc..

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