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    Canada - Kerrie Brown, 15, Westwood, MB, 16 Oct 1986


    It's been 30 years since Kerrie Ann Brown was viciously murdered and left for dead in a wooded area of Thompson. For Trevor Brown, surviving with the singular goal of one day seeing someone arrested and locked away for the killing, it seems like much longer.
    "Three decades, or as I like to tell people: 11,000 nights," Brown said in a recent interview as the 30th anniversary of the tragic night approaches.
    Brown left a house party on Oct. 16, 1986 and was not seen again until her body was discovered two days later. She had been sexually assaulted and brutally beaten, less than two months after her 15th birthday.
    A man was previously arrested in connection with the slaying but a judge, seeing only circumstantial evidence, never sent it to trial.

    Kerrie Ann would have turned 45 on Aug. 19. She was "an amazing human being," Trevor said, "just a beautiful heart, super kind and caring."
    Const. Janna Amirault, a 15-year veteran of the RCMP, has been on the Brown file for five years and said Kerrie Ann's murder is a haunting reminder of how quickly and tragically lives can change.
    "She was an innocent girl that went to a house party," Amirault said, "and for a couple minutes decided to go by herself and, within that short period of time, something horrible happened to her. What happened to her could have happened to anybody, and that's what's scary about this investigation."
    Amirault said seven investigators in her unit, plus support staff, continue to work on the case.
    What haunts Amirault is looking at Kerrie Ann's story and seeing a happy-go-lucky teen who didn't lead a high-risk lifestyle and had plenty of supports around her.

    "It really hits me that this could have happened to anybody," she said. "It could have been a friend of mine growing up. Heaven forbid something happened like this to one of my daughters or one of their friends, I would want somebody to be invested in solving what happened to them."
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    Kerrie Ann Brown: Ending the 'conspiracy of silence'

    October 24, 2012
    Brown was slain sometime after attending a party at a residence on Trout Avenue in Westwood on Thursday night Oct. 16, 1986. Two days after the party, two women from the riding stable discovered her nude body in a wooded area close to the hydro line between the horse stable and the golf course access roads. Her body was found on Saturday, Oct. 18, 1986, around 2 p.m. Brown had been sexually assaulted and severely beaten, bludgeoned repeatedly about the face and head causing massive injuries. A large, bloodstained stick was found at the scene.

    A vehicle got stuck in the mud there and a blue and red air mattress and a black rubber floor mat were used to try and gain traction and extricate the vehicle, RCMP said publicly in 1996. Two eyewitnesses had spotted a white van and an older model mid-60s green sedan-type car at the scene just hours after Brown, who had been wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jacket earlier in the evening, disappeared from the party. Crime scene DNA samples gathered in 1986 came from at least two different men RCMP told the Thompson Citizen in 1996, adding they have always believed more than person was involved in the killing.

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    Most of those in attendance at the Trout Avenue party were from ages 14 to 17. The party was held on a Thursday night because there was no school the next day for Kerrie and the others at R.D. Parker Collegiate. She had previously attended Juniper and Eastwood elementary schools. Her mom and dad, Ann and Jim Brown, had moved to Thompson like many so Jim could work in the mine at Inco, while Ann worked at Thompson General Hospital as a medical transcriptionist. Ann Brown died some years ago. Kerrie's brother, Trevor, lives in Winnipeg, and is active in keeping up the fight for justice for his sister, as is her aunt, Tammy Fenner, and her husband, Kevin, from Maberly, in eastern Ontario, near Ottawa.
    Kerrie was to walk home from the Trout Avenue residence that night with a girlfriend but before leaving the friend went back into the party for a few minutes. Kerrie stepped outside apparently to wait. When the friend returned, Kerrie was gone. Several witnesses reported Kerrie was seen getting into a van between 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. Others believe she took a taxi to Brandon Crescent. Or she may have walked somewhere from the party.Anyone who has information on the murder of Kerrie Ann Brown has a moral duty to come forward. Justice demands no less

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    Voice of murdered teenager to take over Manitoba RCMP social media
    October 14, 2016

    ...On Oct. 16, the persona of Kerrie Ann Brown will take over all of Manitoba RCMP’s social media feeds.

    Using posts timed to correspond with the events of Oct. 16, 1986, RCMP hope to encourage anyone with information about what might have happened to come forward.

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    ...Each message will be sent at the approximate times that the events actually occurred in 1986.

    ...The first message will be sent at 8:00am on Sunday morning with others following throughout the day.

    You can access the messages on Twitter and Facebook.

    Manitoba RCMP Twitter: @rcmpmb | @GRCManitoba

    Manitoba RCMP Facebook: facebook.com/rcmpmb | facebook.com/GRCManitoba

    If you can’t follow the feed live or don’t have social media News4 will have a recap of the feed Sunday evening.

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    Trevor Brown's sister Kerrie Ann Brown was murdered in 1986, in Thompson, Manitoba.

    On the 30th anniversary of her death, the RCMP tried a new technique, Tweeting as if they were Kerrie Ann Brown herself, in the hope of shaking up new leads.

    Trevor Brown says his sister's death completely altered the course of his life, changing him from an outgoing student to a high school drop out struggling with alcoholism and depression.

    "I've never moved past this because I don't have the answers that I'm wanting," says Trevor Brown. "This could drive me insane, trying to figure out who did this. At the same time, I don't want to let go of it because she's worth it."

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