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    TX-Dentist shoots man who flashed him

    Its all fine, we got lawyers shooting up people, dentists packing heat give me a break please IMO it obserd

    I lwonder if in texas it one of those places where you can open carry. Tellin ya first visit to this dentist and he comes in with a James Bond gun , do not know about any of you but , I am finding another dentist

    The future:

    Your lawyer has an AK 47 hanging off his shoulder!

    Your garbage men have two sets of black gloves around their waist

    The landscaper comes with huge sheers on his belt

    Your dog trainer is packing a revolver

    The pool guy has a hand granade in his tool kit

    The plumber arrives with a machete

    The carpet cleaners have a 22 on their canister

    THe plumber has an an ax in his toolbox

    The Ac dude is carrying a switchblade

    Your oven repairman has a pressure cooker with him

    The furniture assembly man is armed with hacksaw

    The tile man has two cinder blocks and some rope in his kit

    Your therapist has a tazer gun on his/her desk

    Your anthestist has a bottle of chlorform on his belt

    Your maid has handcuffs with her

    The computer repair dude has a sledge hammer with him

    Your eye doctor has night vision goggles on him

    Your stero installer has a noose around his neck upon arrival

    Your electician has IED in his back pocket

    Your pharamist has an ad for Xanex on his shirt

    The dog groomer has some dynamite near the sink

    A dentist shot a man Tuesday afternoon who flashed him and chased him around his southeast Houston office, police said.The shooting was reported about 1 p.m. at the New Teeth dental office at 4005 Broadway Street, just off Interstate 45, also known as the Gulf Freeway.According to Houston police, a man walked into the office, exposed himself and then chased the dentist around the office.

    The pair ended up outside, where the dentist pointed a gun at the man. The man then charged at the dentist, and the dentist shot him."The dentist ran all the way around back to the front and said the guy tried to rush him and he said he had no choice but to shoot. He discharged once, hitting him in the right abdomen

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    No choice but to shoot.

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    A man who exposed himself to employees at a Houston dental office was shot by a dentist Tuesday afternoon.
    The Houston Chronicle reported that the man entered the southeast Houston clinic about 1 p.m. and flashed employees. Witnesses said he seemed to be under the influence of narcotics or some sort of substance.


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    What I can picture in my head is hilarious, but this is a serious matter. I agree, the guy must have been drunk or high, or something. I can't imagine how I would have reacted to this if I were in that position, but the guy would have been safe from gunshots, since I don't have a gun!

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