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    Malicious Ad and/or site redirect !!!

    Hi all,

    The websleuths front page is trying to either load or redirect to a site called video.sekindo (dot com) - and all of my browsers are alerting me to the attempt and then hanging the site (thankfully since I don't want to connect or redirect to that untrustworthy site). I believe this is due to an ad link. I'm also starting to get a lot of auto-play ads with sound which is pretty jarring. It's made the site nearly impossible for me to browse. I'm afraid that websleuths has been serving up more than its share of malware/spyware ads which probably Tricia and Co. don't have a lot of control over due to whatever ad server they have contracted with, but it's opening up users to a lot of not great stuff. Is there a way to contact the ad server you are partnering with and and let them know this is unacceptable and press for a vetted subset of ads or something? It's a huge security risk!
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    I've been getting ad redirects every ten minutes or so. Telling me I won something. I cannot even exit out. I have to reload WS each time in new window.

    I will take a screen shot next time.
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    Whatever page I'm on here at WS is constantly redirecting to a security notice from my virus defender !
    Then it changes to a site(s) I've seen before that are known virus pits !
    This has been happening for some time now.
    Very difficult to browse and read on this site. Any suggestions ?

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