Younger sex offenders get lighter sentences in Denver area

"A Boulder judge’s decision, to not send a convicted rapist to prison, prompted 9Wants to Know to examine dozens of sex assault cases in Boulder, Denver and Larimer counties. 9Wants to Know found that younger men were less likely to serve prison sentences and when they did – the sentence lengths were much shorter for the same class of felony conviction in a sex assault case."


"9Wants to Know examined 230 cases involving felony sexual assaults in Denver, Boulder and Larimer counties. Of those cases, about 30 percent involved a class three felony, the same class of felony for which Wilkerson was convicted.

But like Wilkerson, about 45 percent of those 25 or younger at the time of sentencing were not sent to prison.
Men older than 25 were sentenced to prison in 84 percent of the class three felony sex assault cases.
The disparities seem to grow from there.

When comparing the average length of prison sentences, older men were sentenced to nearly 20 years, compared to just 13 years for younger perpetrators committing the same class of felony."