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    SC - Derrick Simmons, 19, Cordesville, 24 Nov 2004

    Cordesville, SC - A teen vanishes in berkeley county, a year later police are puzzled, not knowing if their dealing with a missing person or a murder. In this week's Carolina Cold Case, ABC News 4 investigates the unsolved mystery of 19-year old Derrick Simmons, who went for a walk and never returned.

    Charlene Simmons can hardly hold back tears when she thinks of her son. He disappeared the day before Thanksgiving last year, she wants him home for this holiday. "Whatever the case may be I'm just hoping and praying he just shows back up alive and well, and even God for bid, if that does not happen, we need to have some type of closure....it's been almost a year," said Simmons. She worries something has gone so wrong that there's just no way that he can come back home.

    On November 24, 2004 Derrick was at home with his girlfriend and three month old daughter near Wine Glass Lane in Cordsville. He got a call on his cell phone about 11:30 that evening, said he was headed to a friends house down the road and would be back in a little while. Witnesses say that he talked to a truck here at the of Oak Tree Lane. Derrick's girlfriend remembered seeing him walking down Hard Pinch Road in front of her house, but once he passed a tree in her yard...she lost sight of him in the darkness.

    About 15 minutes after he left, neighbors reported hearing gunshots. Nobody thought much about it being that they live out and the country and often hear gunfire.

    Police traced calls made to Derrick's cell phone that night. The last call came from the neighbor Derrick said he was going to see. The neighbor told police he didn't remember making the call. "If you got a phone call from this particular individual and then after that no more phone calls after that...something just does not add up," said Simmons.

    Derrick's girlfriend passed a lie detector test. Police have two suspects, but no arrests have been made.

    Police led several search and rescue efforts throughout the wooded areas surrounding where Simmons was last seen but didn't recover any evidence that would suggest foul play. Simmons's family is hoping whether he's dead or alive, that someone will come forward with information that will bring the mystery surrounding Derrick Simmons to a close.

    More: http://www.wciv.com/news/stories/1105/276703.html
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    Scroll to bottom of page at link.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Debbie Miller View Post
    snipped from link debbie M provided

    Simmons, 19, disappeared from Cordesville, South Carolina on November 24, 2004. In March 2006, his remains were found buried in a shallow grave on property belonging to an acquaintance, who has been charged with Simmons's murder
    I don't find any articles about the arrest or if there was a subsequent trial and conviction.

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    Thank you Sherlockh and welcome to WS

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