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    Woman thwarts suicide attempt, Donates Reward to Charity

    Woman thwarts suicide attempt

    It's a scene out of television.

    A woman intent on killing herself runs to the edge of a building's roof. Another woman grabs her at the brink of a six-story drop and hangs on until police can come and drag back the suicidal woman.

    This was no drama, though. It happened to Lynda Quan, 60, a St. Louis Hills resident who works as a clinical social worker for BJC Behavioral Health, 1430 Olive St. downtown.

    For thwarting the attempted suicide, Quan last week received a Good Citizenship Award and a check for $100 from the St. Louis Grand Jury Association's Good Citizenship Fund.


    Story: http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/nei...9?OpenDocument
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