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    Quote Originally Posted by neesaki View Post
    You have been gone a while haven't you, LOL. Welcome back. Just a very brief update:

    LE stated some time ago that he doubts little Deorr was ever at the campsite.
    Little Deorr's parents were named suspects in his disappearance.
    LE and Klein Inv. have both stated they don't believe little Deorr is alive, and that it was either accidental death with a cover up, or, a homicide.
    Also, the mountain lion theory was put to bed, and IIRC, it is a more or less forbidden topic. Please anyone, correct me here if I'm wrong. TIA
    Hahaha! 👏👏👏 I think you covered it.

    One more thing: the parents (at least) are LIARS

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    I have been following this story since the beginning. I hope little Deorr gets Justice soon if my child was supposedly "lost" on a mountain there's nothing that could get me to leave there until I scoured every square inch of it. I definitely would not have the energy or interest to continue my love life with someone new. I pray for answers soon Deorr you deserved so much better.

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    Hmmm. Following the Abigail Williams and Liberty German thread. RL, a possible suspect in that case, is getting a lot of support and sympathy.
    Maybe good old GGP in Deorr's case should have taken a page from RL's book.
    The two gentlemen are exactly the same age. And, they seemingly share an alchohol abuse problem.
    But no love lost here for GGP. He should have talked early and often, and not been so cranky in the bit we did hear. Maybe he would be getting some of the same empathy RL is getting. JMO

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    Am I missing something or has little Deorr's case become quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Does anyone know if there are more searches planned ?

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