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Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
• Missing Since: December 20, 1991 from Good Thunder, Minnesota
• Classification: Lost/Injured Missing
• Date of Birth: August 17, 1989
• Age: 2 years old
• Height and Weight: 3'3, 55 pounds
• Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Sandy blond hair, blue eyes.
• Clothing/Jewelry Description: A dark blue snowsuit, blue jeans and winter boots.

Details of Disappearance
Kyle was last seen inside his family's Good Thunder, Minnesota apartment. Both parents thought he was with the other one. He apparently wandered outside near the Maple River. Searchers later found Kyle's mittens, a thread from his jeans, and boot-tracks leading out onto the ice of the river towards a channel of open water in the middle. The tracks disappeared then, and it is believed Kyle fell into the water and drowned. The river was about four to five feet deep in December 1991. His body was never recovered, but a memorial service for him was held three months after his disappearance.

In October 2003, a man inspired by a television crime show went looking near the river, which was at unusually low levels, for Kyle's remains. He found what appeared to be a small child's femur and turned it in to authorities. The discovery of the bone resulted in a fresh search of the area. A child's winter boot that matched Kyle's and a piece of material believed to be from the child's snowsuit were found. The "femur" turned out to be an animal bone. Nonetheless, investigators still hope to recover Kyle's remains.

2-Year-Old Boy Disappears 25 Years Ago, Believed to Have Drowned

2–year–old Kyle Jansen disappeared just before Christmas in 1991, when he apparently wandered from his rural Good Thunder home toward the high–flowing river south of Mankato.

Will Purvis says, "It's every parents' worst nightmare. You lose track of your child for just a moment and they disappear."

Now, 25 years later, Blue Earth County still keeps this case open.
Brad Peterson says, "The family told us the footprints went from their home and if I remember right, it was pretty fresh snow."

The tracks then disappeared.

A pair of mittens left sitting on the ice.

Peterson says, "It's always been treated as the boy had fallen in the river and drowned."

Brad Peterson, who is now the Blue Earth County Sheriff, was on the dive-team that was sent to rescue and then recover Kyle's body.

Peterson says, "We dove for days. I remember stopping for Christmas but we were out there."
Peterson says, "My experience with dive and rescue, we've had victims even with lace shoes tied tightly and we've found something."

Making Kyle's case extremely rare.

"No boots, no jacket, no piece of clothing, just mittens and tracks the family said they followed."

And 25 years later...still no sign of Kyle.

Peterson says, "If we could find a bone, we could close the missing person report."