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    "Deadliest Catch" star, Jake Harris, attacked

    i tried looking to see if this case was on WS, but i didnt see it so i have started this one. My bad if there is another one already started. I'm a fan of Deadliest Catch and know of Jake Harris, son of the late captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie. A few days ago two teens had attacked and robbed Jake and beat him up pretty bad. heck, they even threw him out of a moving car onto the highway. Thank god they got these two punks, they had done this before.

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    I am glad the two suspects were arrested, though I have some questions. They were giving him a ride home from the casino from what I read. How did Jake get to the casino in the first place? Did they bring him there? Did someone else drop them off? Did he drive himself there and leave his vehicle at the casino?

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