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    NH - Children found covered in feces in filthy apartment, Manchester

    Police say James Grenier left the couple’s 2-year-old daughter naked in her crib, shivering from the cold and smeared with feces.

    Their 4-year-old son was in another bedroom, tied down to the top of a bunk bed with a makeshift harness made from a childproof lock, according to court documents. Police said the boy was also covered in feces and urine.


    “My kids mean everything to me, and I love them,” said Samantha Grenier, the wife of James Grenier, who was arrested for child endangerment. “I really don’t know much about the whole thing.”

    She blamed her husband for conditions inside their apartment, which police called a “hell hole.”


    Officers said they found food left out on the counters and piles of human and animal feces scattered throughout the "fly-infested" home. They said a foul order lingered throughout the hallways of the building.


    Police say the children were removed from the home and are currently in their grandparents' custody, and the state's child welfare agency was alerted.

    Grenier is being held on a $10000 cash bail. Police say the investigation is ongoing and there could be more charges


    Must watch the video interview at the necn article.

    It's a doozy
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    OMG they do not deserve these children.
    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


    WebSleuths Lingo thread.


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    Wow. The mother had the children taken away and this hone was deemed better? Wow

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    Wow, indeed. That's all I have too. (Well I've got a few more words, but I'l wait to see if more charges will be brought).

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    So many things wrong with this story and both of those parents are to blame. They both lived there, and had the ability to clean up the feces all around the house, the garbage and rotting food. They both had the responsibility to make sure these kids were fed, safe, and clean.

    Don't even give me that "I don't know anything about that." B.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by human View Post
    Wow. The mother had the children taken away and this hone was deemed better? Wow
    I missed where the mother had the children taken away from her. I thought the father and mother of the children lived together ??

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    The mother should be in jail, too! I don't understand why she isn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sallye818 View Post
    I missed where the mother had the children taken away from her. I thought the father and mother of the children lived together ??
    I think she meant she's fighting to get them back from protective services now. She's trying to distance herself from having any culpability in what happened. But the report with her interviewed said she'd only been gone overnight. She clearly knew what was up... She pretty much admitted it on the video but tries to act like she's not a party to any of it.
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    I am going to be brief.

    Both mom and dad are monsters and I hope they land in a prison where they get **** on everyday, if i violated a TOS I don't care - there is no good way to respond except with total disgust!

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