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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicoleleigh35 View Post
    I am very interested in this! I have a case and would love some help/ feedback on what you guys think! My friends killer is walking free, never charged, married with 2 kids. Would anyone be interested in looking into this?
    Walk into the police station. Ask to speak to the Det on your friends case. Demand to know why your friends case is not being worked on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jipsynurse View Post
    My daughter, Brittany Danielle McGlone, was murdered in the home of her boyfriend May 4, 2007 in Wood County, TX. Her murder remains unsolved. The lead investigator is now charged with serious charges not related to my daughters case. Additionally, he, a previous sheriff and other county officials are defendants in federal case. Any help is so appreciated.
    Go to the DA's office and ask them who works on cold cases for your area. Demand to know who will work on your daughters case.
    Give the story to a local newspaper.

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