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    Man upset about overdraft fee sues First National Bank

    A former First National Bank and Trust customer filed a lawsuit against the bank in Martin Circuit Court Wednesday, asking for $2 million to compensate for stress and pain he said he suffered over an overdraft charge on his account.

    Barnard Lorence filed the suit himself, claiming he was treated rudely by a bank manager when he asked to reverse the $32 penalty he was charged for overdrawing his account by less than $5.

    He accused the bank of falsely advertising that it cares about its customers.

    "What they don't say is they have at least one manager who will be obnoxious and arrogant if one attempts to try to communicate with the bank," he wrote in his suit.


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    2 MILLION for pain and suffering? I should sue my bank for making me bend over to get the coins that won't go through the coin sorting machine. Sheesh...

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    I had an overdraft charge before for lack of 28 cents in my account. Of course they covered the check, but that was back in the days when my computer knowledge was limited. I didn't realize it was a computer kicking out those charges then. I paid the fee, but moved my account. I know better now, and don't ever write checks that close to the balance.

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    What an idiot. It would be nice if the bank could come back and sue him for their attorney fees. These frivolous lawsuits need to be stopped. They're clogging our court system.

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    I agree it is a frivoulous lawsuit. But, I also think that if you are a regular, long term customer, who makes regular deposits, the banks could be a little more forgiving! Like if you are overdrawn $5 or under, and you do not do it regularly. It is rediculous what they charge for that, I have had the unfortunate experience with this also, and I think they make a killing on overdrafts! Another one of my pet peeves with banks, why do they have to charge so much when you make a payment over the phone!!!!

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