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    Can't help but think what a shame it is that Scorpiosdaughter isn't active with all this going on. Would have thought the show would have brought them back.
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    Oh my love, we pray each day, may you come home and be okay.
    For now, we wait, for you, for you to come home.

    Advocate for the missing and lost souls.

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    Hi all - I just found this board via the A&E series. I started watching as the topic is close to my heart.

    I was very briefly married to a man in FL who admitted during our marriage therapy to regularly brutalizing prostitutes. One of (ha!) our marriage therapists at the time as well as my long term subsequent therapist said that they strongly believed he had already likely murdered a prostitute (or more) or considering the escalation in the behaviors he had shared with them, would do so in the very near future.

    He was an assistant District Attorney and he bragged to me (and his former wife) how he would murder us and get away with it easily, due to his knowledge and police connections. I was strongly advised by both therapists and family in law enforcement not to come forwards a) because they have enough to do without spurious claims of "maybe" and b) they were certain he'd probably try to follow through on his threats even without me revealing this particular information.

    I came to this site out of curiosity... and then thought ..."oh gosh I hope there isn't a Florida thread." Then I looked at the map/timeline.. he moved from CA to FL in 2003 and... ugh. My stomach is in knots.

    I'm not sure what else to say other than I still carry guilt that I didn't do more to try and protect other women, I hope it really isn't him, and ... I don't know. This is the first time I've thought about all this in a very long time. My prayers and support go out to those who have lost or who are missing a loved one.

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    Kwauhuru Govan, is he related to any deaths in Tampa and Orlando area?



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