For the second time, a Miami Beach lifeguard driving a truck has run over a sunbather lying on the beach.

Miami Beach Fire Chief Javier Otero said the 3,400-pound lifeguard truck ran over 19-year-old Jillian Gonzalez's head and shoulder on Sunday. An official said the soft sand likely saved her life because she was able to stand upright after being run over, according to the report.

"I couldn't see it but I knew it was a tire and I could feel the indentations in the tire, and I knew I was being run over," Gonzalez said. And I told him to call 911 and that something in my face was broken and I needed to get to a hospital.

"A reporter asked, "Were you crying?""I was crying hysterically," Gonzalez said."What were you saying?" the reporter asked."Get me help, get me to a hospital, my face is broken, my face is broken," Gonzalez said.

Lifeguard Orlando Artiz drove over an embankment and narrowly missed Gonzalez's friend Daniel Martinez before running over and crushing an ice chest and then running over Gonzalez's head.