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    FL - Amanda Brown, 7, Tampa, 11 Sept 1998

    I watched this trial on CTV. Body was never found.


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    Details of Disappearance
    Brown's mother, Kathryn Hartman, met Willie Crain Jr. at a bar in mid-September 1998 in Tampa, Florida. A photo of Crain is posted below this case summary. Hartman told authorities that she and Brown visited Crain's residence during the evening of September 10, 1998. Hartman stated that she caught Crain alone in his bedroom with Brown. He was apparently intoxicated at the time. Hartman said that she separated her daughter from Crain and drove to their own house. Crain followed them inside and fell asleep in Hartman's bed. She allowed him to stay the night and also let Brown crawl in between them to sleep. Hartman told investigators that Crain had given her an overdose of Valium, a strong sedative, during the evening. She did not wake up until 6:00 a.m. the following morning, September 11. Hartman stated that both Brown and Crain had disappeared by that time. Brown has never been heard from again.

    This mother sounds like she should have been sent to prison for child neglect and endangerment,she should have gone to the LE when he assaulted her the first time not allowed him into her home .What a sick b#itch.

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    Her mother had to separate Crain from Brown, but then she allowed him to sleep over with the child IN BETWEEN THEM???????

    This woman never gave her poor daughter a chance and should be held accountable IMO.

    Also, she just met him in a bar and brought her young daughter over to his house? She clearly lacked good judgement.

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    This was in a story about Jessica Lunsford's father. Its a little about Roy Brown, Amanda Brown's father, and how he is still grieving her loss.

    Grief is an odd thing. The more you talk about a loved one and keep alive their memory, the easier it is to build a new, honorable life. That's according to Roy Brown. His daughter, Amanda, was 7 when she was abducted and murdered in 1998. Her body was never found.

    Since her death, Brown, of Temple Terrace, has set up a foundation in her name. He joins in searches for other missing children. He came to Homosassa to console Mark when Jessica disappeared.

    He has an image of Amanda's face tattooed on his shoulder in blue, yellow and brown.

    "So I've got her with me all the time," he says.
    Full story can be found here:

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    Was this women held accountable for her actions?? I realize she has paid the
    worst price of all, the loss of her child. However, I believe she failed this child.
    I believe her actions were Intentional endangerment of a child. Did Court Tv ever mention if she was being charged for anything?? I think she should be.


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    A-Z Missing Children Outreach Program Remembering Amanda Brown on 9/11/09

    YouTube - Anthony's Attend A Z Missing Children Outreach 91109
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    Amanda Brown remembered
    Purple balloons released on girl's birthday

    Every year for the last 11 years, Roy Brown has celebrated his daughter's birthday in the same way: by going to the shores of Old Tampa Bay, by the waters where investigators last searched for little Amanda's body.


    As he and his family celebrate what would have been Amanda's 19th birthday, Brown says he fears his memories are also growing older.

    "It just gets harder every year. I guess as I get older I forget things that I don't want to forget, " added Brown.

    So Saturday, Brown and his family released 19 purple balloons to remember the girl Amanda Brown was and honor the woman she might be today.

    Willie Crain is on death row, though he maintains his innocence.

    Guilty or innocent, Crain might not make it to his execution date. He has been diagnosed with colon cancer.


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    This month marks 12 years that Amanda has been missing. Come home soon sweetie.

    Amanda is *not* listed in NamUs at this time.

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    This story has ALWAYS bugged me. It is horribly sad..............
    I came across this and it made me cry. I feel for this family, and I hope that some way they can find peace..........
    When I do read about Crain passing due to his cancer, I am going to think of Amanda's father, and I hope to GOD they let him speak to Crain..............

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    I remember hearing about this story when I was a little girl. So sad, I always wondered why the mother let him stay there drunk and let him sleep in the same bed!

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    Families remember lost loved ones at Missing Children's Day

    Monday, September 8, 2014 5:59pm
    Hilary Sessions quietly placed a yellow rose by the picture of her daughter, Tiffany, who disappeared more than 25 years ago. Her tribute was echoed by other family members who honored the memory of their missing or murdered child during an emotional ceremony held Monday for Florida Missing Children's Day.
    Also lending support was Roy Brown, whose 7-year-old daughter Amanda was abducted on Sept. 11, 1998.
    Amanda was last seen in her mother's mobile home in Seffner -- Willie Crain Jr., a 52-year-old crabber and convicted child molester who was also in the home the night Amanda disappeared, was charged with kidnapping and murdering Amanda, but he is still on Florida's death row.
    Brown said his daughter was never found -- he hates it when people use the term body or remains. "This is my daughter we're talking about," he said.
    Today makes 16 years that Amanda has been missing.

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    Saddens my heart when I hear what the Dad is going through.

    From the article:

    "Supreme Court Justice James E.C. Perry retired last Friday, He joins a growing number of former Justices who no longer believe the death penalty remains viable. In his final opinion, Justice Perry blasted the court’s majority for setting the stage for new sentencing hearings for at least 173 death row inmates, which, Mike Vasilinda tells us, will have a lasting impact on many of the victims families.

    Nearly every September, Roy Brown and his family attend the Missing Children’s Ceremony at the state Capitol. His daughter, Amanda, was seven in 1998 when she was kidnapped, killed and likely dumped in Tampa Bay. Her body has never been recovered. “People say, do it get any better’ say her father Roy. “No sir, it don't.”

    Wilie Crain is on death row for the crime..at least for now.

    Crain is one of more than 170 inmates who will get the chance to have their sentence reduced. Roy Brown says the every time Crain’s case comes up for an appeal, he’s forced to relive his anguish.

    “If they’d given him a life sentence, we’d be living our life, you now? say Roy. “With this death sentence, we have to be there, hear stuff we don’t like hearing, you know, we have to deal with him. His name is still in my house, and I don’t like it!”
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