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    Stabbed 14 Times Over A Haircut

    Germany) - It was the hairdo that almost cost a hairdresser her life. Heidelberg hairdresser Luul Jimale thought she had done a reasonable job of trying to redden Farhia Ali Mohamud's jet-black hair last year. But after a weekend of phone insults, the irate customer returned to her shop and stabbed Jimale 14 times. One of the blows punctured the hairdresser's lung and came within an inch of killing her. Mohamud recently pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury and aggravated burglary.

    -Makes you not even want to go and have your hair cut...no thanks...I will cut my own! Some people are just NutzO!

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    Who is going to be the first one to post about a "bad hair day"?

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    In heels
    Toth <-- first one to make bad hair day joke

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    I've had some bad hair cuts before, but never that bad!

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