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    Chef invents 1,000 meat pie

    A Burnley restaurant has made the world's most expensive meat pies - at 1,000 each.

    They were made with some of the world's most expensive meat and mushrooms so rare they are grown under armed guard.

    And the pies, made by chefs at Burnley's Fence Gate Inn, were topped with edible gold leaf, reports the Mirror.

    The pies were made specially after eight regulars challenged owner Kevin Berkins, 57, to create an "upmarket" pie.

    He paid 500 for tender Wagyu fillet of beef which comes from cattle raised in such a relaxed state they are even given massages.

    He then bought Matsutake mushrooms from China - which sell for 500 a kilo and have to be harvested under guard.

    Those were combined with 200 a kilo French Bluefoot mushrooms and equally pricey rare Winter Black Truffles.

    The gravy was made with two whole bottles of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine at 1,000 a go.


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    Well they have great ingredients and all I can say is YUM....

    Can you imagine going on a date and ordering a "beef" pie and things are going well until your date gets the bill where the beef pie is listed at 1,000 lbs, about 2,500 Canadian.

    Might put a damper on things

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