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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Tonight 8 PM Eastern Websleuths Radio with Josh Zeman and Rachel Mills


    Join Rachel Mills and Josh Zeman the filmmakers behind A&E's hit series The Killing Season for a wrap up of the final two episodes.

    For their last Websleuths Radio Show, Josh and Rachel are bringing the best!

    *Bob Kolker author of the critically acclaimed book Lost Girls

    *Jeff Procter is a two-time winner of the New Mexico Press Associationís Public Service award for his work exposing systemic excessive force and other issues at the Albuquerque Police Department.

    *Greg Cooper Director of the Cold Case Foundation.

    *Christine Barber from Street Safe New Mexico

    Josh and Rachel discuss the West Mesa Murders and we go back to Long Island for the Long Island Serial Killer.

    CLICK HERE to listen live tonight 8:00 PM Eastern

    Feel free to post your questions to Josh and Rachel on this thread.
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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
    Hey everyone,

    Please post any questions you have about The Killing Season on this thread.

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    Any new updates you can give to the public?

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    Is the serial-killer "lover" completely ruled out?

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    How can we continue to help ID LISK?? Do you believe LISK moved onto killing in Ohio or was that not our LISK?

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    What percentage of the known serial killings of women across the US is due organized crime, (e.g. Mexican drug cartels, inner city gangs, et al)?

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    What was the most shocking information they came across while making the documentary?

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    "Re-capping the last two episodes" awww

    Josh and Rachel have done such a great job, drawing on so many people, in great Websleuths tradition, to bring light to all this carnage going on and on. It's too good and true not to miss more new episodes.

    Josh and Rachel, please keep going.

    You're both angels in my book and tread where they have too. Thanks could never be enough to you all who participated, the guests on the show. Tricia and bessie, show just keeps getting better. Thank you too.

    Notes: (very rough, not detailed)

    Hats off to the Websleuths community. Early on Josh and Rachel met Hawkshaw. His suspicions of corruption seem to pan out to some extent, if not directly since not much is known about the investigation, with Burke arrested... involved with sex workers, ease dropped on his own LE staff (thus probably others, I think), obstructed forward progress of the case, wouldn't let detectives get FBI help... Burke would not be the right person to be leading the investigation...
    Long Island Political cronyism...

    Shockingly, Tom Hargrove's, Murder Accountability Project,
    Using the data to show police where they could be looking, using data to source the clues, the way private industry uses data, basically
    In order to gather data, sued some LE departments for proper data input, Tricia applauds the effort.
    Josh "Unfortunately we're missing a lot of murders and missing a lot of and connections..." in part due to media illusion of competence and big data proficiency among LE. To find out that it really isn't as topnotch in terms of the date, is kind of disturbing.
    Tricia SK's can move around without being picked up. Josh and Rachel brought so much to light.
    Josh want just question what is going on with the data. Blown away by how little media and LE organizations have been so unresponsive.

    Jeff Procter is a two-time winner of the New Mexico Press Association’s Public Service award for his work exposing systemic excessive force and other issues at the Albuquerque Police Department.

    Josh thanks Jeff on his work revealing a little bit of the truth about what's going on out there. There has been some interesting news happened since we did that investigation.
    Jeff: Friends of Jeff who work at the Albuquerque Journal have unearthed some records that had been buried for a long time related to one of the suspects.
    Nicole Perez, Robert Broman and Elise Kaplan, (sp?), The Breaking News & Crime Team, had been poking around trying to get some records related to Lorenzo Montoya, one of the West Mesa suspects, including sex tapes, and other records, about insurance fraud and setting fire to cars.
    It's an agency that has struggled with transparency... creative record retrieval explained.
    Rachel asks about more transparency. Jeff filed lawsuits, but it didn't go to trial phase to help with policy, has tried shame on sharing public owned records...
    Josh We're not out to hurt LE, but to find better ways to get information shared and more transparency
    Jeff Some LE departments in New Mexico are good at sharing infor, and elsewhere in the South West.
    LE is generally slow to the transparency table, and the warrior (maybe security) culture that may makes sharing harder.
    Video Tapes story:
    Story written by friends by Lorenzo Montoya, about the creepy duct tape tearing video tapes. Visceral and creepy nature, some of the information about him setting fires to cars, there is literally no evidence to tie him to the West Mesa Case, nothing new, in terms of the records, his friends reported on it.
    Josh asks if "The Killing Season" has had an influence.
    Jeff spoken to former LE and others who watched and many welcomed renewed attention...
    Shame on the accountability, and no discernible effort made, new push, or ideally a Press Conference and discussion...
    Josh asks about a memorial, Jeff tells of efforts, money in the pipeline but not a shovel of dirt turned. Least you can do is create a memorial, illusive park, moth balled ideas, and Jeff will follow progress on the Park for some movement.
    Josh thanks Jeff great journalism, Jeff appreciates the spot light on the case and wish there had been more earlier.
    Tricia asks about FOA? Jeff requests by regular people may just gum up the works, rationale is that it is active investigation, 8 yrs, whole case file should be released. Tricia says WS will follow progress closely.

    Tricia asks Rachel about 2005/6 video, not crazy to think that it is Montoya, but no evidence that it was him.

    Christine Barber from Street Safe New Mexico
    Rachel asks article in the news pape
    The women are identifiable, the names of these women, one of the women who said yrs ago that she was picked up by the West Mesa Killer, with no response, doesn't know who to tell.
    How do you solve a case if the police refuse to talk about it? The whole transparency issue.
    Josh asks and Christine agrees: Individual officers and investigators want to help, they care, but the culture of "them" and "us" among LE seems set.
    Josh asks about services for rehab and assistance. Christine explains the insurmountable path to assistance.

    The Bad Guy List...
    Guys have cars setup to Kidnap women... happens to them about once a month, about 13% of the time. Considering a lawsuit as LE does not respond to the information available through the hard work of this organization. Mostly tell the women they deserved it, or they shouldn't have been this or that, but essentially scoffing and laughing at them. Christine wrote a thank you note to a sole LE officer who didn't, once.

    Tricia asks about the rehab, seem punishing the women without giving them continuing medical assistance.

    Josh asks about back logs,
    DNA lab in Daytona, every law enforcement is now sending their DNA, a lot more labs and data bases, as backlogs...
    LISK there's no DNA evidence, so the videos up are very important.
    Josh makes the important point that the women they come across did not want to do sex work... there was no other option, there's no other choice. This is what you have to do, since 14 yrs old in most cases, because there is nothing else to do, not like

    Bob Kolker, author of The Lost Girls, who Josh attributes for the making of "The Killing Season"
    says the work Josh and Rachel did was
    "Like mining for gold and coming up with gold dust with everywhere you went."

    Josh asks about Mary Gilberts, Shannon's mother, was the squeaky wheel, her electric presence kept the LISK story alive, some LE may have resented her. Had been pushing for ....

    Sarah was in the background, her mental illness, mom's murder, the judge is resisting... Sarah is dealing with it, as sometimes legitimately insane fight the insanity plea. She is wise enough to know that guilty she would get out, but insanity would never get out.

    Shame people into acting, in Long Island, they're way past shame... unreal 99% confession rate, due to beatings, t shirts made, bunker culture, Burke, a black bag man, wanted no eyes on them.
    Such am amazing thing to see the new commissioner, 5 yrs into the case announcing FBI coming in. "Stunner"

    Josh: Tranparent but gotta do a "mea culpa" when he said "on the heels of his arrest and incarceration." Unbelievable to hear. "I have to say, sitting there with him, I believe he's honest. I believe he's transparent. But...

    Bob: He comes off well admitting FBI should have been brought in earlier. Whatever profile they have, hard to say if damage already done? They've lost a lot of time, cases get solved 10 -15 yrs later, so who knows?
    "It's possible the FBI still has something to offer this case. Your show also has a lot to offer it"... "has moved the ball forward by talking about" (the below)
    "The Killing Season" Amazing contributions, so far:
    The Asian Male rendering
    Jessica Taylor - Boyfriend lead with the burlap connection
    The Queens brothel connection, Maureen's friend Sarah who remembers she got the call.
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