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    Lloyd Lee Welch faces new 1996 sexual assault charges

    Suspect in slayings of missing sisters faces new charges
    Crimesider Staff, AP
    Dec 7, 2016 6:00 PM EST

    MANASSAS, Va. — A convicted sex offender charged in the 1975 slayings of two sisters who vanished from a suburban Maryland mall now faces new charges in an unrelated case in northern Virginia.

    Multiple news outlets report court records show a Manassas grand jury on Monday indicted Lloyd Lee Welch Jr. on charges of rape, sexual battery and indecent liberties in the sexual assault of a girl in Prince William County in 1996.

    (cont. at the link)

    A man accused of murdering two Montgomery County sisters decades ago has also been indicted on charges of raping a 6-year-old girl in Northern Virginia in 1996, according to court records. Authorities last year charged Lloyd Lee Welch, a former carnival worker, in the disappearance of Katherine and Sheila Lyon from a Wheaton shopping mall in 1975. Sheila was 12 and Katherine was 10 at the time they vanished. The unrelated case made public Tuesday accuses Welch of sexually assaulting a young girl on a houseboat in Prince William County. [Washington Post]


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    MANASSAS, Va. (WDBJ7) WDBJ7 is tracking details about the latest charges filed against Lloyd Lee Welch, the man accused of kidnapping two sisters from Maryland and killing them in Bedford County.


    A grand jury in Prince William County indicted Welch Monday on four felony counts including rape and taking indecent liberties. The crime happened in May of 1996, according to court records.

    The Washington Post published an interview Tuesday with a woman who claimed to have been Welch's victim when she was only 6 years old. She told the newspaper she was at a carnival with her family the day she was attacked.

    "He came across as a very nice person," she told the Washington Post. "He plays that 'I'm a nice guy' very well. You would think he was someone who you could get along with and trust."


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    The Washington Post article titled "More Charges for Lyon Suspect" (7 Dec 2016) by Dan Morse states that the new charges are "unrelated" to the Lyon case, but that LE hopes to to use them as leverage to learn more about what happened to Sheila and Kate.

    From the article: "Snippets of the freshly recorded interrogations played in court this year in connection with the Lyon case indicate that detectives and prosecutors think Welch knows more about what happened to the girls and about others who may have been involved in their disappearance. ... Welch has denied harming the Lyon sisters."

    These new charges date to 1996 - some 21 years after the Lyon sisters went missing. They do seem similar to his known behavior and the criminal activity which led to his current incarceration.

    One has to consider that in March 1975 Welch had just turned 18 years old. He did not have a car or a drivers license, and did not own a house or property. He was a High School drop out and was known to take public transportation, walk, or hitch hike to get around. The probability of him pulling off an abduction of two young girls in broad daylight, from a crowded mall - by himself - would be very remote. Any scenario involving Welch (and he was likely involved on some level) would indicate that others were indeed involved as well.

    Welch is known to have stated on 1 April 1975 that he intended to collect on a $7,000 reward (offered that morning by WMAL radio station) for information leading to the recovery of the Lyon Sisters. Then, later that same day, he approached a Wheaton Plaza security guard to offer information. Montgomery County Police interviewed him that same day, took his name, address, and his story about seeing the girls entering a car with a man resembling the Tape Recorder Man. MCP then sent him on his way.

    Note that the sketch and story of the TRM appeared for the first time in papers on 1 April 1975 at the same time the story of the $7,000 reward did. So Welch may have conveniently incorporated that information into his story - or perhaps he did indeed see such a man with the girls.

    FFrom the very beginning, Welch has claimed knowledge of the case. When interviewed in his Delaware prison residence in 2013 - 2014, he provided further information. During that time, investigators contacted WMAL to see if they would still honor their 1975 reward offer - most certainly as an inducement to Lloyd Welch to talk.

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    New Generation Now Possibly Affected by Same Man

    It is horrific to think that if LLW2 is guilty in the Lyon Sisters Case, in which so many children were affected who were young when it happened--that now, with this new indictment from 1996, he may also have harmed others who are in the age bracket of our kids today. How many generations of people has this case affected?
    The number continues to climb as we all want the FULL TRUTH to be exposed and justice served

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    Welch pleads guilty in ’96 Pr. William Co. sexual assaults, apologizes

    Video of Prince William County prosecutor Paul Ebert speaking on the second victim

    “one of them was a relative of the defendant, he didn’t know it at the time, didn’t find that out found out until about 4 yrs ago, but all of them, the mother knew the defendant and put them in a place where they were eventually sexually assaulted” The first victim was age 6, the second victim 8 or 9 yrs old at the time of the assault.


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    He got 12 years on the two new charges to run concurrently with the 48 for they Lyon girls AFTER he finishes his sentence in Delaware. When he finishes his Delaware sentence, where do you suppose he will be housed? He will be back home again (presuming he is sent back to Delaware)! And, Delaware ain't home!

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    He must satisfy his sentence in Delaware before he goes anywhere. I believe he is parole eligible- Delaware could save a few dollars by releasing him to Virginia at the next opportunity given the widely accepted knowledge he will not outlive his sentence in the Commonwealth.

    Welch will go to a maximum high security institution.I think the worst in the system is either Red Onion or Wallens Ridge. No country club white collar joint.

    Not sure if DE had him in protective custody given the molestation charges; it may be necessary in VA due to the high profile of the Lyons case.

    I hope he is homesick and I hope he gets his ass stomped or worse.

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