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    From page 7, post #101 - scroll down a bit to play.


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    According to initial information, Nicole was wearing canvas shoes as opposed to the flip flops shown in the re-enactments.

    Nicole and her mom lived in a penthouse on the 20th floor of the building. Nicole's mom ran a daycare from this apartment at the time.

    Other info as you listen to the re-enactments - in the first one, a renowned crime writer states (about half way through) that there was evidence that Nicole made it into the elevator and down to the ground floor. He gives no back-up for this.

    The written info included with re-enactment #2 seems to be a hodge-podge of info with no back-up, including Nicole wrote of her disappearance 2 months prior, twenty years after the fact there is info that a woman was seen in the hallway at the time and that much money was spent on private investigator by the parents.

    I don't know who authorized or made the re-enactments.

    Another piece missing imo - on the 20th anniversary of Nicole's disappearance (2005) her father gives an interview. Nothing from her mother who died suddenly in 2007.

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    Bolton woman reflects on 32-year disappearance of childhood friend Nicole Morin
    “Where is Nicole?”

    Bolton resident and Toronto police officer Melissa Elaschuk sees these words, and the face of a young girl she once knew, every day inside the door of her locker at work with the police service.

    It is the headline for a newspaper article about the mysterious disappearance of Nicole Morin, an eight-year-old girl who vanished without a trace from her Etobicoke area apartment building on July 30, 1985.

    Nicole was Elaschuk's best friend.

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    Bumping for Nicole
    This missing case likely has nothing whatsoever to do with Nicole's disappearance, but noting fwiw, the slimmest of coincidences of another girl,11 yrs old missing since 2001.
    This mp was in the company of her sleeping father ( parents split up ) outside a mall when she vanished.
    She was last seen in the company of a blond woman boarding a bus.

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    Since Nicole's mother ran a daycare, I hope they interviewed all of her clients. I believe she was lured into an apartment, though. If she had been grabbed, the things she'd been carrying would have been dropped and found.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotr View Post
    2007 documentary with Lesley Parrott @ 1: 40 ( Scottish /British accent ), imo.
    Mip TV Picks 2008: Forgiveness: Stories for Our Time

    By Brendan Christie
    March 31, 2008
    Sorry for bumping such an old comment, but that is indeed a scottish accent. The most bizarre accent I've ever heard, such a scottish twang mixed in with the canadian.

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    Wanted to bump for Nicole, where are you Nicole?

    I have been seeing the name Nicole everywhere the past month (so weird!), but I remembered her and decided to post for her.
    I have been reading this case for some time, so thought why not post my opinions and see if i can find some new angle, i think i will post over the next few months on/off to see what i can come up with.

    Art apparently had a lie detection test done on himself and passed. Is anyone here in the know of whether the mother Jeanette ever had a lie detector test done? If not that would send alarm bells off in my head especially if she dodged doing it.

    If the mother had failed a lie detector test she could have put her job at the time in jeopardy since she was looking after several children in her daycare, not to mention she would be seen as part of a crime. So i really do wonder how she was cleared in this case.

    I find it interesting that the mother's son (technically Nicole's brother) went missing for 15 years only to return later, when comparing it to Nicole's case one could say that yes where there's smoke there's fire. I would like more information on the son, who did he go missing with?

    When i first read the case i thought the mother may have had something to do with Nicole's disappearance, it seemed a bit too much of a coincidence for both of her children to go missing, almost like someone known to her handled their disappearances.

    When it comes to the mother Jeanette's personality and character there is little to go off so of course i dont know what she is like as a person.
    If Jeanette had nothing directly to do with the disappearances then perhaps someone she knows/knew did it but she isn't aware who it is.

    I am not trying to make out Jeanette is a bad person here but wonder if her background may lead to something unpleasant.
    We have no real idea if certain family members or past accomplices are involved with underground crime or anything.

    If they are or have some history going back then that might have caught up with them and if there is some bad people connected to family then it could very easily be they have some connection to her disappearance. Art's brother killed his sister, was he involved in other criminal activity?

    It could be a stretch. My first impressions are that Art is a bright guy, i thought his ideas about church members or family being involved had some possible weight. It appears they've investigated the church angle and family but I feel they might have missed something.

    I have always wondered if the mother Jeanette avoided public interviews for some reason, maybe she feels she would divulge something that impeached her or someone else. Sometimes when people fear giving away important information by accident they stay away from interviews.

    Were there other missing children in the wider family beside her Son (whose name escapes me) and Nicole?

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    Bumpy bumpy


    The other thing is that Art possibly felt that someone on Jeanette's side of things was trying to stop him gaining custody of Nicole, this is a bold thing to say, did he have a realistic reason to think Jeanette's family would be petty over Nicole?

    What was Art's relationship like with Jeanette and her family etc? Did he not get on very well with her family/friends/connections? Did he try to gain custody of Nicole around the time she disappeared? I think the answers could give us something to play with.

    If Art was trying to gain custody of Nicole was it because he did not trust Jeanette or people close to her for some reason? If the answer to this is "yes" it could open up a can of worms in my view, there may be something more there that is not being alluded to.

    Regarding Nicole saying she would disappear in a journal, "disappear" is a strong word for a young child to use randomly in a sentence, its like she has picked this word up somewhere and from someone else who repeatedly said it.

    Personally I dont like the idea that it's just a fantasy made up by a child, i think it could go either way and there could be something to it. On the other hand shipping Nicole off to a new family is also possible but in my view unlikely, why would a parent get rid of their child in this way?

    To go so long without being found would mean Nicole would have to have been brainwashed completely and limited to what she can i.e leaving the house. Its interesting that some people have come forward claiming to be Nicole.

    A lot of people will always come back to the "strange situation" regarding the friend calling up and the mother Jeanette saying Nicole will be right down even though Nicole had left several minutes earlier (correct me if I'm wrong), one could question this.

    I am on the fence about it personally, would a mother really think her daughter would take 10-15 mins to get to the ground floor keeping her friend waiting? Also the following by the mother Jeanette made me question this a bit, I cant remember the exact source:

    "It was around three o'clock in the afternoon when I realized something was going on. I just became in a daze. I kept saying, 'Oh,she's got to be with somebody playing and she forgot.' Around six o'clock, I couldn't put up with it any more. I called the cops."'

    She realized "something is going on" at 3pm but then waited until 6pm to call the cops? Perhaps it is just choppy language or perhaps she was the kind of person who gives people the benefit of the doubt all the time before acting, i dont know.

    Of course I also think the "sexual predator abduction" angle is just as likely but i will post about that another time. Nicole may still be alive given dogs have not found anything over the years but it may also be that she is deceased and her body is well hidden somewhere.

    JMO. Peace.

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