Burger King Employee accused of slashing customer's throat

Last night, an argument between a Burger King employee and a customer ended in bloodshed. It happened in the parking lot of the restaurant on Main Street in Watertown. The altercation escalated until the customer's throat was slashed. You could say it was a case of road rage meets restaurant rage, and it came to a head yesterday around 8:00 p.m. Police say it may have been building up for several days.

The argument started at the drive through window, not last night, but last weekend. The customer apparently got the wrong order on Saturday. When he came back to Burger King last night he complained and got into an argument with an employee.

"The employee, in turn, according to witnesses, slashed the victim across the throat with a still yet to be determined sharp cutting instrument," says Lt. R.J. Desena of the Watertown Police Department.

That happened in the parking lot in front of the restaurant. When police got there they found the victim bleeding and in pretty bad shape.

They found the employee, identified as 31-year-old Harold Lee Lewis, inside the restaurant.

"Witnesses say he had nowhere to go. He was immediately pointed out as the person who made the assault," says Desena.

Police say they have a pretty good idea of the kind of weapon that was used to slash the customer and they are starting to get a pretty clear picture of what happened.

"We have many witnesses who were both customers and employees, and we're still conducting interviews."

Police tell News Channel 8 that they are going to keep their investigation open until they talk to everyone who witnessed this event.

The name of the 34-year-old victim has not been released yet; he listed in critical but stable condition at Waterbury Hospital. Authorities say he may be lucky because the quick response by police and paramedics may have saved his life.