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    Canada - Christine Prince, 25, Toronto, 22 June 1982



    Location: 13 Division

    Details of Investigation:

    On Tuesday, June 22, 1982, at about 7:15 a.m., police responded to an emergency call in the area of Sewells Road and the Rouge river.

    The victim was discovered in the Rouge River, suffering from medical trauma, and obviously deceased.

    Investigators believe the victim was last seen on a public transit streetcar on St Clair Avenue W at Bathurst Street, on June 21, 1982, sometime after 1:10 a.m. The victim was expected to ride the streetcar to Wychwood Avenue, and walk to her residence from there.
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    Help police find nanny's killers

    MAX HAINES, Special to Toronto Sun First posted: Saturday, February 26, 2011
    Christine arrived in Canada and was ensconced in the Kruzick residence at 66 Pinewood Ave., where her duties consisted of taking care of their three-year-old daughter, Nicole, as well as light housekeeping.
    Christine was happy. She was working in a position she loved.
    Soon the Kruzicks considered her a member of the family. Little Nicole liked Christine and the nanny was fond of the little girl.
    On April 3, 1982, Christine met fellow nanny Gloria Betts at an English pub.
    The manager introduced both Gloria and Christine to two young men from "over home". And that's how Christine met David Curtis-Smith.
    The two hit it off from the very beginning. Gloria's young man wasn't interested in Gloria, nor was she in him, although the two couples often went out as foursome.
    Late on the Sunday evening of June 20, 1982, Christine Prince, accompanied by Gloria, set out to meet David at the corner of Bloor St. and Yorkville Ave.
    The reason for the late hour was that David worked as a chef at the Four Seasons Hotel and his shift ended at 11:30 p.m.
    The three young people dropped into a coffee shop, where they lingered until 1:15 a.m. Monday morning.
    They made their way to their respective residences.
    She walked along Pinewood to the front of number 18. We know that for a fact because it was misting out and Christine was carrying an umbrella.
    Later that day, a passerby found the umbrella on the road in front of number 18. Christine never made it home.
    A man, or more likely two men, were either parked or trolling for a woman.
    They grabbed Christine from the street and dragged her into their car. They drove over 30 km to just off Sewells Rd. in the Metro Toronto Zoo area.
    On Tuesday morning, June 22, 1982, a number of motorists travelling to work phoned police informing them that they had seen a nude body in the Rouge River from the Sewells Rd. bridge. Christine Prince had been found.
    Homicide detectives knew where Christine had been picked up. They knew where she had been driven. They knew a lot about Christine's last hours on Earth.
    It is surmised that she was only moments from her home when she was abducted on Pinewood Ave. She was either struck on the head upon being grabbed, causing a great deal of blood in the abductors' vehicle, or she had been held by one man while the other drove to an area he knew well. It was a 30 km drive.

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    Who killed Christine Prince?

    By KJ Mullins Jun 11, 2010 in Crime

    Toronto - Christine Prince, 25, was a young woman from Wales working as a nanny in Toronto in 1982. On a hot June Sunday night, June 20th, she and a friend went to a movie at Yonge and Bloor, in the heart of Toronto.
    At Bathurst Street Christine's friend exited the streetcar with Christine only having two stops to make at Wychwood Avenue. She would have a short walk to make it to her employer's home in the rain. She is thought to have rounded the corner at St. Clair Avenue West at Pinewood Avenue. She was never seen again alive

    An autopsy revealed that she had drowned but there were blows to her head also. Christine's head, face and body were also bruised and cut. Christine was not the only woman murdered in 1982. That year in Toronto seven women would turn up dead in the city. Christine was the second, just a month after Jenny Isford, 19, was discovered on a lawn in her own neighbourhood raped and strangled.
    Christine was 5'3" and weighed 126 pounds. She looked like the Welsh girl she was with fair skin and rosy cheeks, light brown hair and blue eyes. When she disappeared she was dressed tastefully in a cream coloured sweater and light blue dress pants carrying a brown leather shoulder bag and multicoloured umbrella.

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    Investigators examine items found near the crime scene
    How You Can Help:

    If you have any information regarding this case, please contact Homicide at 416-808-7400, or at homicide@torontopolice.on.ca
    Crime Stoppers Phone anonymously at 416−222−TIPS (8477); or via the internet at www.222tips.com; or text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637); or download the free Crime Stoppers Mobile App on iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry App World
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    Bumping with this older article because there does not seem to be any recent ones.imo.
    By Shaun Gregory, Huron Expositor
    October 9, 2015
    Ruhl’s book A Viable Suspect referred to the degree as providing importance and highlighted an analysis for a lucrative approach at finding a killer. It stated, a need to potentially bury a body, the murderer is more likely to do so in the vicinity he or she is familiar with. Ruhl created a datasheet from murders and crimes, pointing out the specific times and geographical locations connected to Talbot. Pauline Ivy Dudley, 17, from Oakville was found murdered in 1973 about 15 minutes from Talbot’s house.

    Christine Prince, from Toronto was killed in 1982 approximately seven minutes away from the residence of Talbot.

    Delia Adriano, 25, from Oakville was murdered 26 minutes away from Talbot’s dwelling.

    Lynne Harper, 12, from Vanastra was discovered in 1959 at Lawson’s Bush, which was a place constantly visited for his specific job.

    Jacqueline English’s, 15-year-old body was discovered in 1969 near Tillsonburg and 19-year-old Lynda White’s skeleton remains were found in Norfolk County in 1973. Ruhl believes this could be Talbot because he had customers in the area.

    Lastly, Valerie Stevens, a 19-year-old pregnant woman from Toronto, was found in 1992 no more than 41 min of where Talbot lived.

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