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    TN - Teresa Butler, 27, Memphis, 10 Nov 1986

    NamUs MP # 36288 - https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/36288/7/

    Teresa Ann Butler

    Last Seen: Nov 10, 1986

    Attachment 105942

    Age: 27-28 years old
    Height: 5'1 - 5'3
    Weight: 110 - 115 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eye: Blue
    Clothing: Last seen wearing a white lab coat
    Distinctive Features: Scar Right Cheek, Freckles
    Dental: charting is available and will be entered
    DNA:Sample submitted - Tests complete

    Victim left work and hasn't been seen since.
    Vehicle recovered still running with lights and windshield still going in a rural area.

    Investigating Agency:
    Shelby County Sheriff's Office
    Phone (901) 222-5600
    Case: 0804000803SH
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    Help Identify Lake Pontchartrain Jane Doe - Slidell, Louisiana - June 19, 1986

    Red/Brown (Auburn) Hair, 5'2-5'4, 20-30 yrs old, perfect teeth absence of wisdom, Scars; right knee, abdomen, right wrist, prior right hip injury, possible nose surgery, breast implants, 8-12 wks pregnant, marking of a ring left hand ring finger

    LSU Faces: http://identifyla.lsu.edu/profile.php?id=383
    NAMUS: https://identifyus.org/cases/852
    Doe: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/16ufla.html

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    Teresa seems to have been abducted and murdered by an individual named RM Richards, who confessed to killing her, and also confessed to abducting and murdering Martha 'Leanne' Green (who has her own thread here on WS), but the suspect was murdered in jail before either body could be found.

    Teresa disappeared in November 1986 and Leanne vanished in April 1987. The two crimes are very similar: each victim vanished from the vehicle they were in, both disappeared at night, on rural roads, in heavy rain. RMR probably impersonated a police officer to quickly get them into his vehicle, a ruse he used to rape several other victims.

    Leanne Green thread:


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    An article about her disappearance:

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    Found a timeline with two extra pieces of information.

    RM Richards took part in the search for Teresa Butler in the week after her disappearance, typical serial killer behaviour:

    Apparently Richards had access to a remote cabin, which he used to repeatedly rape a different victim on August 7th 1987. Police likely knew nothing of the cabin at the time of Teresa's disappearance in 1986, but it seems like the area near the cabin would be an excellent location to search for the remains of Teresa Butler and Leanne Green.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreyClay View Post
    on August 7th 1987.
    Sorry, August 2nd 1987.

    Also interesting to note that instead of his police uniform, RMR in this instance was disguised as a pilot.

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