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    DC - SCOTUS to hear arguments in 1984 murder of Catherine Fuller

    Washington Post:

    Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments in horrific 1984 D.C. murder case

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday announced it will hear arguments in a 1984 high-profile Washington murder case that resulted in eight D.C. men being sentenced to prison for the brutal sexual assault and murder of a Northeast Washington woman.

    The men were convicted in 1985 in the beating death of Catherine Fuller, a mother of six, whose body was found in an alley. In 1985, a jury found the neighborhood friends, then between the ages of 16 and 21, guilty of first-degree murder.
    The case drew notoriety for the brutality of the death and became one of the earliest examples cited by police of the rise of crews, or violent gangs of youths.
    From 2012; more background, details of crime:

    In 1984 murder case, court to examine allegations of prosecutor misconduct

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    Omg I recoiled in horror reading this. What is wrong with humanity???

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    Based on a few of the things mentioned in the article, I'd say it needs to be reviewed.

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    I'm glad this case is being picked up again. I remember hearing about this when I was growing up. It will always be one of the most hideous, disturbing cases I've heard of. Something about the whole thing has never sat right with me, though. By the time this happened in 1984, so much of DC had turned into a literal hellhole - crack, pcp, gangs, murder capital, poverty, etc. Sadly, so many of these once well-established, multi-generational neighborhoods, turned into no-mans lands (except for the poor people who who were stuck living there, like Fuller and her family) and became downright dangerous in a seemingly short amount of time. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there were a lot of problems there in the 80's and a big push towards "crew sweeps" by cops and the local gov't in an effort to give the impression of cleaning things up. This case needs to be re-investigated and I'm glad the press had picked up on this story. Some things have never sat right with me about it. Her poor kids - I wonder where they all are today and how they could ever recover from something so awful as what happened to their mother.

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