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    FL - Officer charged with beating homeless man

    Officer charged with beating homeless man

    A police officer was arrested after investigators said he beat a homeless man to the point that he suffered permanent brain damage.

    Edward J. Michael, 30, fired a Taser at Jeffrey Goff, 44, in September until it ran out of power, then hit the man with a baton and punched him so hard it crushed bones in his face, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation found.

    Michael would not comment as he left the jail late Friday after posting $3,500 bail. He faces aggravated battery and felony battery charges. -- (edited to add my opinion --- uh, how about attempted MURDER charges?? )

    An incident report written by an Orange County deputy who saw the attack said Goff grew more resistant as the blows continued, but FDLE special-agent supervisor Robert Ivey said the man didn't actively resist arrest.

    ''He was simply avoiding being handcuffed by keeping his hands placed in front of him,'' Ivey said.

    Michael, a 4 -year veteran of the department, was suspended with pay, Jones said. An internal investigation will determine if he violated police policy.

    Sgt. Barbara Jones, an Orlando police spokeswoman, said the charges disappointed officials, but she warned observers to withhold judgment on Michael as he goes through the criminal process.

    Goff was released Thursday into the care of family after nearly two months in the hospital.


    My question: why was he being arrested in the first place? Cuz he was homeless? They never told that? Even so, I'm tired of the policemen who feel the need to beat the crap out of someone til the point where they are almost incapacitated. That's a bunch of B.S.
    This homeless man was obviously not going to pose a threat.
    My goodness, has the man no shame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrayersForMaura
    My goodness, has the man no shame?
    Evidently not. And, for sure, how about attempted murder? If the man had not been homeless, I wonder if they would have charged him with attempted murder? That's surely what it was.

    I am going to hell for saying this, but I hope the officer is beaten in jail. And if he does not go to jail, then the sliver of hope I have in the justice system will be gone for good.
    Above is my opinion only

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