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The Church of Scientology closed down Clearwater downtown today for a Church sponsored block party.

SeaSeas, didn't the Church of Scientology buy the land that Calvary Baptist Church used to be downtown, overlooking the bay, many many years ago?
Summer Downtown Block Party 2017
Saturday, Jul 15, 2017

Sponsored by the Church if Scientology Flag Service Organization

I havenít followed all of the real estate transactions.
Calvary Baptist Church sold to Opus South. I donít know if Opus South has Co$ affiliation.

Here is a 2004 news article:
Buyer found for Calvary Baptist campus
CLEARWATER - A nationally known developer emerged Monday as the buyer of Calvary Baptist Church's downtown campus.
Opus South also has its eyes on City Hall, which splits the church's properties and overlooks Clearwater Harbor.

More information:

Iím not sure which entity is more slimy Ė Co$ or Calvary Baptist Church.
OK, if I had to choose ONE, it would be Co$.