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    Man shames panhandlers who twice refuses his job offers

    An Iowa man took matters into his own hands after he says two young panhandlers twice rejected job offers meant to help get them on their feet.

    Mike Pothoff, of Muscatine, says he pulled over his car and offered them work but was rebuffed.

    The boys allegedly smirked and walked away after the initial exchange.

    When Pothoff saw the boys again the following weekend, he offered them employment once more. Yet, when they declined, he decided he would come back with a sign of his own.
    Pothoff went and stood behind them with his own sign that reads: "Offered these guys a job, they said no. Don't give money."

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    I had a very different experience a few months ago and it has been eating at me since. Went to Walmart and saw a man, with a dog, and a sign saying "looking for work". I bought a bag dog food while in the store and then stopped over there to give him the food and a $20.00 bill. He politely declined the money, but said he would accept the dog food and thanked me for it.

    We talked and he is a veteran. He admitted he made a bad decision to take a job in TX, and ended up never being paid for his work (construction). He came back to CA and his car broke down right by the Walmart.

    He truly was looking for a job, but there were so many issues. He had to be able to take his dog until he had an apt. or place to leave him. The dog was exceptionally well behaved, but I can imagine employers might be reluctant to accept that, although I don't see the harm in his line of work. At any rate, he told me if he had to give up his dog "I might as well put a bullet in my head, she is all I have". As an animal lover, I totally get it.

    He said he had spoken to a couple of Veterans outreach groups, that all he wanted was a job and chance. He was clean and neat and explained how he used the bathroom at the local civic center to clean up when they unlocked the bathroom at 4:00 AM before employees started arriving.

    He as bright, clean and a United States Veteran.He put his life on the line for us, and now he needed help. I spent two days contacting veterans groups that were all more interested in getting me to donate than they were to actually helping a veteran, and calling my local assemblymen and congressman.

    Finally one of the local assemblymen (not my political party, but he will have my vote for as long as he chooses to run) actually called me and asked me to get his direct line phone number to the gentleman as he though he could help. I went back and he was gone. I have been back many times, even drove to civic center at 4:00 AM hoping to spot him, and never saw him again.

    I say prayers for him and his dog and so many other sad people trying to survive. So many people live paycheck to paycheck and a few steps away from the same fate.

    Yeah,, there are scammers on the street, just like there are scammers in all walks of life. But many of those people are just like us, only with some extra bad luck, no family safety net, etc. There, but for the grace of god.
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