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    TX - Teresa Hinkle, 39, Grand Prairie, 3 Aug 2002

    "Skeletal remains found in a car submerged in Joe Pool Lake may be those of a Grand Prairie woman missing since 2002.

    Police said Lake Patrol officers discovered the car Sunday afternoon just off shore. The vehicle was pulled from the lake and traced to Teresa Gomez Hinkle, who was reported missing on August 6, 2002."


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    Hope there was no foul play in this .

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    The skeletal remains of a missing Grand Prairie woman were recovered from Joe Pool Lake this weekend..

    Teresa Hinkle was reported missing more than three years ago.

    The 42-year old’s remains were found inside a car that was submerged in the lake.

    Officials believe lower lake water levels helped with the discovery.

    Gary Ogden, the woman’s fiance', passed a polygraph examination on Tuesday. Police say he is not a suspect in her death, but instead call him a "person of interest."

    Ogden says he suspects Hinkle committed suicide. He says she had a history of depression and had previously tried to commit suicide.

    Ogden says he had an argument with Hinkle the night she vanished. Police say he was the last person to see her alive. Officers say that's why he's a person of interest in the case.

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    I wonder if they will be able to tell if the woman died of drowning or not? I remember when Laci came to shore most of her soft tissue was gone and this woman has been in the water for a long time. Her soft tissue is probably all gone so they won't be able to tell if her lungs had water in them or not.

    Personally I can think of a lot faster ways to commit suicide then driving into a body of water and waiting to drown. Makes me wonder.

    If she was murdered I hope there is some way that an autopsy can verify it.

    I'm glad that she was finally found. At least her family now know where she is.
    Sad it had to be that way though.

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