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    MO - Edward Chacon, 29, killed in road rage incident, 8 April 2001

    Judge Orders 18-Year Prison Term for Road-Rage Killing
    A Kansas City man will serve 18 years in prison for helping his father kill another man who cursed them on the road.

    Tuesday Senior Judge Gene Marti sentenced Thomas Brown Junior, 27, to 14 years for second-degree murder and added four years for armed criminal action.

    His father, 53-year-old Thomas Brown Senior, already is serving a 22-year sentence for his role in the April 2001 attack that killed Edward Chacon, 29.

    Prosecutors say the Browns spotted Chacon's car outside a Waffle House restaurant 15 minutes after he cursed them on the road. They then went inside with a hammer and a knife and fatally attacked him.


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    ok then.... even a curse can kill? geesh people, I suggest getting a life?!

    I see this every day in our city, like all other cities. It utterly amazes me, truly AMAZES me when I see someone giving themselves a heart attack just to "get back" at another driver.

    what world do we live in?

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