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    Quote Originally Posted by DQN View Post
    I have been watching Investigation ID. "Who is Jane Doe" the last episode had a woman that went missing around 1997, her body was found about 8 months later.

    She was matched to her remains UNTIL 8 years later by the detectives on the case.

    The unidentified remains were estimated at late 20's pre 30.
    She was actually 47 years old, so it was passed over for many years, The detectives noticed the composite sketch in a surrounding state and saw the resemblance.

    My point being it is not always the obvious.
    Yup I have a case the coroner is looking back into (funeral pyre jane doe also known as blackhawk jane doe or gilpin jane doe) b/c the original height of the unidentified person was listed incorrectly in Namus bc it was incorrectly written in a report back in the 50's! I was able to find the correct report that matched the missing person I was trying to propose as the Jane Doe. Fixing her height made her a rule-in again. They are currently checking it out. Point being that sometimes things are chronicled incorrectly about an MP or UID.
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    If things were more actuate and up to par imagine the matches everyone would making? Look at all the unidentified remains without even an artist sketch, pathetic.

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    This one has always stumped me because they weren't able to identify him even though they have license plate number of the vehicle he crashed. I know I'm not supposed to discuss things here, I just want to bring this guy to people's attention

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