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    WV - Josephine Rosanna, 89, Stonewood, Nov 2005

    Frozen Body Found
    Posted 11/25/2005 03:47 PM

    An elderly Harrison County woman is dead after apparently wandering away from home in frigid temperatures.
    The Harrison County Sheriff's Department has confirmed Josephine Rosanna, 89, of Stonewood, died overnight.

    This comes after a missing person's report was filed early Friday morning. A few minutes after that, around 8 a.m., emergency crews took a terrible phone call.

    It was a noisy morning for a quiet neighborhood.

    "I've known here all my life," said Mary Ann Nichols, 71, one of Rosanna's close friends. "Most of us that live here in Stonewood, we've known each other for a long time."

    She said Rosanna went home after Thanksgiving dinner. Afterwards, Rosanna's niece took her home.

    What happened next is a mystery.

    Temperatures dipped below 20 degrees in the area overnight. Nichols' Mobile Home Court on 3rd Street and Kidd Avenue. Nichols said the woman lived just down the street yet somehow managed to travel all the way to the park.


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    That is just so sad. Poor little thing. What a horrible end to a life that had lasted so long.

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